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The Jumpbot Factory is a factory that produces jumpjet equipped robots.

Jumpbot Factory (factoryjump)
Produces Jumpjet Equipped Robots, builds at 10.0 m/s
Cost 700
Hit Points 4000
Vision Radius (elmo) 273
Build Power 10


The esoteric Jumpbot Factory offers unique tactical options for rapidly closing the distance in a knife fight, or getting over hills and rivers to cut a path through enemy lines. Key units: Pyro, Moderator, Jack, Firewalker, Jugglenaut.

The Jumpbot Factory builds:

Jumpjet Constructor
Walking Missile
Raider/Riot Jumper
Black Hole Launcher
Disruptor Skirmisher Walker
Melee Assault Jumper
Heavy Gravity Riot Jumper
Saturation Artillery Walker
Heavy Anti-Air Jumper
Cloaked Jumping Anti-Heavy Bomb

Placeholder, Moderator and Firewalker have no jumping ability. While the factory itself is not able to jump, either, its Jump command can be used to set a rally point to which any jumping unit will jump instead of walking. It will still walk until it reaches its minimum required jumping distance from the destination.

Constable, Pyro and Jack are equipped with jets that allow them to jump even while they are in the air, while other jumping units have to rely on the strength of their legs, which, of course, need solid ground under them to work.

Tactics and Strategy

The Jumpbots combine a wide array of gimmicks into a potent force. The Constable, Pyro, Jack, Toad, Skuttle, and Jugglenaut can jump over obstacles, allowing them to attack from unexpected directions or escape from enemies, and the Jugglenaut turns the jump itself into a deadly weapon. The Moderator, Placeholder and Firewalker are specialists which contribute utility effects from longer range.

The Jump and Specalist bots rely on their unique characteristics in battle and therefore require a great deal of attention for effective use. Furthermore, if your opponent is setting the terms of engagement such that your advantages do not come fully into play, the Jumpbots are at a disadvantage in a direct fight. Combining the utility of the Jumpers and Specialists with more directly powerful units such as Amphibious Bots or Shield Bots nullifies this weakness and leaves you with a truly fearsome force.

Example Unit Combinations

In addition to their construction role, Constables have a slow beam. Use this in combination with Pyros to easily clear out enemy raiders.

Use Placeholders in combination with Moderators or Firewalkers to keep enemy units at long range and destroy them safely. This also works with cheaper skirmishers of other factories, such as the Rogue or Recluse.

Use Jacks in combination with a Jugglenaut to destroy enemy units and buildings while the Jugglenaut throws the enemy army into disarray.

Protect your Firewalkers with Placeholders, shields or cloaks.

Get your Skuttles close to the enemy with an Iris or an air transport.

Use a Jugglenaut or Placeholder to prevent enemies from running away from bigger threats such as a Dante.

Beating Jumpbots

In general the Jumpbots are not particularly good against static defenses. Firewalkers can slowly chip away from long range and Jacks can tear down turrets if it's safe for them to get that close, but their options are pretty limited.

The Pyro is a fearsome raider if it sneaks into your base by jumping, but it is quite expensive and rather flimsy. Engaging it at close range with your own raiders can be dicey, but a pair of Pickets will easily polish off a Pyro.

If you're getting aggressive in enemy territory, be very careful not to run into Placeholders. If your army is caught by Placeholders, it will be unable to retreat - not only will you lose your army, but its wreckage will be in enemy territory.

If there is a lot of wreckage to reclaim on the map, keep an eye on it and prevent the Jumpbot player from sucking it all up to create a mass of Puppies.

Jugglenauts and Jacks are very tough and are frequently able to retreat to repair using their jump. Try to kill at least one when they attack to inflict permanent damage on your opponent's army.

The Jugglenaut is a scary opponent but it's ineffective against structures. Stingers or a larger number of Lotuses will force it to retreat. If it is disabled or disarmed the Jugglenaut cannot jump, push or pull, and so it can be caught and defeated easily. It also doesn't do much on its own against heavier opponents such as Striders.

Jumping units set to retreat will automatically jump toward the nearest retreat zone when damaged. A retreating Jugglenaut can damage allied units and structures.