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The Thresher is an anti-air flak gun.

Thresher (turretaaflak)
Anti-Air Flak Gun
Cost 450
Hit Points 3000
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Flak Cannon
Damage 132
Reload Time (s) 0.5
Damage per Second 264
Range (elmo) 1000
Area of Effect (elmo) 64
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 2000


The Thresher is a flak cannon with good AoE and a high damage output, letting it swiftly cut enemy gunships to ribbons.

Tactics and Strategy

Thresher shines when the enemy is attacking you with such large groups of aircraft, that other AA defenses are overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. As Thresher possesses significant AoE, it doesn't have that problem, and it has enough health to endure, at least temporarily, the enemy's attempts to quickly neutralize it. It works better against gunships, as bombers tend to space themselves out more when attacking in groups.