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The Jugglenaut is a heavy riot jumper with gravity guns from the Jumpbot Factory.

Jugglenaut (jumpsumo)
Heavy Riot Jumper
Cost 1700
Hit Points 13500
Mass 717
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 34
Turn Rate (deg/s) 98
Vision Radius (elmo) 480
Transportable Heavy
Range (elmo) 360
Reload (s) 15
Speed (elmo/s) 180
Midair jump No
Attractive Gravity x 2
Damage 0 x 6
Reload Time (s) 0.2
Damage per Second 0
Range (elmo) 440
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 2200
Firing arc (deg) 222
Ignores shields
Potential friendly fire
Repulsive Gravity x 2
Damage 0 x 6
Reload Time (s) 0.2
Damage per Second 0
Range (elmo) 440
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 2200
Firing arc (deg) 222
Ignores shields
Potential friendly fire
Jugglenaut Landing
Damage 1001
Reload Time (s) 13
Damage per Second 77
Range (elmo) 5
Area of Effect (elmo) 170
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 5


The Jugglenaut's impressive armor makes it a near-unstoppable sphere of death. It slowly advances on enemy units to break up their formation with its Gravity Beams and stomp them into ground using its jump. Its stomp is the only way it can damage buildings.

Tactics and Strategy

The Jugglenaut is a beast of a unit and certainly a highlight of Jumpbot Factory. Classified as a heavy riot, it can fulfill a number of roles of which you couldn't even think, utilizing its impressive health pool, gravity-manipulation weaponry and adorable looks. Using the Jugglenaut requires quite a bit of finesse and an understanding of some of the more in-depth game mechanics.

The main weaponry of the Jugglenaut is represented by twin gravity guns, with a force equivalent of two Newton turrets. They can work in one of two modes: push (repulsing) Push alt.png or pull (attraction) Pull alt.png. This can be switched in unit's panel, default key being O. Applied to an enemy (or even a friendly unit), causes the Jugglenaut to shift the target along the ground, or even lift it off completely. Effectiveness largely depends on a unit's mass, which can be viewed in its description. Each unit is affected differently. Most, however, will go flying right into the Jugglenaut, causing collision damage. This will damage the jumper, but also often results in the death of the enemy.

Gravity guns have a number of applications, from scattering lightweight units like Glaives and pushing away Snitches, to tearing off Crabs, to which the Jugglenaut is a natural predator, or singling out units like Felons from a group of enemies. This, however, can be turned into a weakness. In pull mode Pull alt.png, the Jugglenaut can take quite a bit of collision damage, greatly decreasing its health and battle readiness. If your opponent is distracted from its white sphere of death, a good tactic is either feeding it a few walking bombs to either disable or cripple enemy formation, or units like Dirtbags, dealing cheap damage. Attacking from the side of the Jugglenaut can bear greater success, as its guns can point together only at its front or back, and a strike from a side will meet only half its firepower. It also struggles against static defences.

While the Jugglenaut is a walking fortress, for the reasons listed above it will usually traverse the battlefield wounded. A good idea is keeping a few builders, like Constables, on the ready to heal it, or to periodically pull it off the front lines.

In a desperate situation for retreat, while dealing with buildings, or to start a new space program for enemy units, the Jugglenaut can jump. This will cause it to momentarily come to a full stop in order to prepare, after which it will lunge into air and deal a huge amount of damage in its landing spot. Landing amidst friendlies will cause friendly losses.

Fighting enemy Jugglenauts can be tricky. Generally, you want to use its gravity weaponry against it, strike at a greater range, or simply outmaneuver it.