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The Odin is a heavy assault bomber from the Airplane Plant.

Odin (bomberassault)
Assault Bomber (Anti-Static)
Cost 1500
Hit Points 5200
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 185
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Altitude (elmo) 280
Damage 14000
Reload Time (s) 30
Damage per Second 0-1000
Range (elmo) 180
Area of Effect (elmo) 40
Water capable

Shield Cluster
Damage 0
Reload Time (s) 30
Spawns Unit x 7 Pavise
Spawn Life (s) 85

Odin is expensive, durable and very slow for a plane, for its attack it precisely drops a tiny spot of 'thermite' which over time deals heavy damage. Its purpose is sniping high value structures. It's also got the alternative purpose of providing shield cover for a short time.

The thermite and shields

Like other bombers Odin has only one point of ammunition before it must rearm but Odin can spend it to either drop thermite or shields. The thermite falls slowly, doesn't stick to its target and the damage it deals ramps up over its long lifetime. If it hits something on the way to its target, like a shield, it will burn through it before continuing its trajectory. It does penetrate water. The shields are dropped in a cluster of 7. They've got high durability initially but quickly drain and disappear on their own.

Tactics and Strategy

  • The nature of how thermite deals its damage makes it useless vs units unless they are stunned for a long time by for example a widow.
  • Its main intended purpose is to snipe high value structures, often by diving deep into enemy territory. There are very few unshielded structures that can survive being hit by an Odin. After scouting the enemy base one can often find that its not well defended along the maps edge and so one can fly in there and strike something critical, beware the enemy may have placed newton turrets in order to grab or push away your Odins, they have abysmal turn rate so that could ruin your plans.
  • An advantage about the sheer amount of damage thermite deals is that it likely also destroys the wreck of its target leaving your enemy with no way to resurrect it or at least less reclaim.
  • A creative use case would be bombing wrecks of striders that the enemy otherwise will likely get to reclaim
  • Alternatively if your allies are making a push somewhere you could provide them some cover under your shields or vice versa if the enemy is pushing your allies.