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The Archer is an amphibious raider/riot bot from the Amphbot Factory.

Archer (amphimpulse)
Amphibious Raider/Riot Bot (Anti-Sub)
Cost 200
Hit Points 760
Mass 153
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 70
Turn Rate (deg/s) 237
Vision Radius (elmo) 500
Sonar (elmo) 500
Transportable Light
Improved Regen
Water Regen (HP/s) 15
At depth (elmo) 40
Sonic Blaster
Damage 155
Reload Time (s) 1.17
Damage per Second 133
Range (elmo) 255
Area of Effect (elmo) 64
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 580
Water capable


The Archer uses a powerful pair of Sonic Blasters to hit enemies on land and sea. Archers can float to surface in order to fight naval units.

Tactics and Strategy

The Archer wields a pair of alternating Sonic Blasters, capable of hitting both above- and underwater targets.

When in water, it has to rise in order to fire. In direct confrontations Archer is a natural predator of lighter raiders, like Hunters or Ducks. It is, however, vulnerable to hit-and-run tactics: Claymore makes short work of tightly grouped Archers, being able to hit them even underwater with its homing payload. By far the largest threat above the water are Corsair destroyers, turning any Archer offensive into seafood.

On land, Archer is still surprisingly nimble. It best works in groups with Ducks, providing enough punch to open-up lightly defended routes. It can go toe to toe with heavier land raiders, such as Kodachi, and is especially useful due to the impulse its guns produce, stopping hit targets dead in their tracks for a split second. It is the most capable of amph-bots when it comes to defending against their nemesis, Gunships. It will still lose to concentrated force of “true” riots, such as Reavers, and finds trouble dealing with assaults with high hp pool, like Ravagers.