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The Zeno is a slow homing missile from the Missile Silo.

Zeno (missileslow)
Slow Homing Missile - High single-target slow damage with lingering damage over time
Cost 500
Hit Points 1000
Slow Missile
Damage 0
Slow Damage 10000
Range (elmo) 6000
Area of Effect (elmo) 0
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 480
Ground Slow DPS 190
Ground Slow radius (elmo) 320
Ground Slow duration (s) 30


Zeno is an experimental single impact slowing device with a lingering slow AOE.

Tactics and Strategy

With the immense slow damage it applies to the primary target along with its unique homing capabilities and range equal to the Quake. The Zeno can be used to help catch enemy key targets from almost any distance. However, the lingering zone that it spawns can also make it difficult to follow up with your own units, as the zone affects every unit inside.

Keep in mind the slow speed of the missile, which can slightly delay a prepared attack but also give the enemy room to react.