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The Phoenix is a saturation napalm bomber from the Airplane Plant.

Phoenix (bomberriot)
Saturation Napalm Bomber
Cost 460
Hit Points 1400
Mass 238
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 243
Vision Radius (elmo) 780
Altitude (elmo) 240
Napalm Bombs
Damage 40 x 18
Reload Time (s) 1
Afterburn (s) 12 (15 DPS)
Range (elmo) 10
Area of Effect (elmo) 160
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 0.30
Inaccuracy (deg) 29


The Phoenix's napalm bombs decimate large clumps of units and light structures.

Tactics and Strategy

The Phoenix is useful for killing and damaging large clumps of light units, setting them on fire and causing a large amount of damage. However, Phoenixes are also more vulnerable than other bombers.

  • While the low initial damage of the Phoenix is underwhelming, the 10-second burn can make quick work of lighter units like Darts even when they dodge most initial damage.
  • Burn damage will reset the countdown for units with regenerative abilities like Glaives or Reavers, as well as keep units with a cloak from disappearing from sight.
  • Be careful when using Phoenixes around allied units, as the same properties that make them useful against enemy hordes make them a liability in a chaotic front line.