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The Eos is a tactical nuke from the Missile Silo.

Eos (tacnuke)
Tactical Nuke - High damage in a small area. Blocked by fully charged area shields.
Cost 600
Hit Points 1000
Tactical Nuke
Damage 3502
Range (elmo) 3500
Area of Effect (elmo) 96
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 1200


A long-range precision strike weapon. The Eos' blast radius is small, but lethal.

Tactics and Strategy

Eos' enormous range effectively allows you to assassinate critical enemy structures from afar. As each individual missile costs a lot, they're usually best reserved for the things that will truly hinder your enemy if destroyed. Large economic structures such as fusions, unit factories, expensive artillery pieces, expensive AA turrets, etc.

Using them against mobile units is risky, but if you have reason to believe the enemy will not move their army anytime soon, it can be worth the attempt. This becomes much easier if you use Eos as a follow up to a Shockley, as most units hit by Shockley won't recover their movements in time to escape a follow-up Eos.

Shields block tactical missiles, so shielded structures pose a major obstacle to the use of Eos. You can weaken the shield first using shockleys, but consider carefully if you aren't spending more metal in the maneuver than the target is worth.