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The Cyclops is a very heavy tank buster from the Tank Foundry.

Cyclops (tankheavyassault)
Very Heavy Tank Buster
Cost 2200
Hit Points 12000
Mass 727
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 57
Turn Rate (deg/s) 82
Vision Radius (elmo) 540
Transportable Heavy
Tankbuster Cannon
Damage 1000
Reload Time (s) 3.5
Damage per Second 286
Range (elmo) 450
Area of Effect (elmo) 16
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 270
Smooths ground
Slowing Beam
Damage 0
Slow Damage 2000
Reload Time (s) 2.5
Damage per Second 0 + 800
Range (elmo) 440
Instantly hits


The Cyclops is the heaviest tank on the field. Its Tankbuster Cannon smashes lesser tanks into oblivion, and can shake walls down, allowing it to spearhead assaults against terraformed fortifications. Its preferred target is other heavy units, enemies are slowed significantly upon hit, making escape all but impossible. However, it turns like a tub of water, its short range makes it easy prey for massed raiders, advanced skirmishers or air attacks.

Tactics and Strategy

If you need a tank to go first into the breach, this is it. It can soak up plenty of damage and can deal plenty of damage in return. A charge made up of purely Cyclopses can only be stopped by the heaviest defences, other tanks, and Strider forces.

Airplane Plant bombers are a good counter to these. They can evade the Tankbuster Cannon fire and deliver their payload with relative ease, especially with Cyclops's inability to dodge the Raven's glide bomb.

The Nimbus gunship can also fight well against Cyclopses - they're too slow to evade the gunfire or close in on the distant gunship.