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The Bandit is a medium-light raider bot from the Shieldbot Factory.

Bandit (shieldraid)
Medium-Light Raider Bot
Cost 75
Hit Points 340
Mass 90
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 90
Turn Rate (deg/s) 494
Vision Radius (elmo) 560
Transportable Light
Laser Blaster
Damage 8.5
Reload Time (s) 0.1
Damage per Second 85
Range (elmo) 232
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 870


The Bandit outranges and is somewhat tougher than the Glaive, but still not something that you hurl against entrenched forces. Counter with riot units and Lotus towers.

Tactics And Strategy

Have Bandits in groups instead of single Bandits, because the nature of the Bandit means that they work better in groups instead of solo, mostly because of their low DPS compared to other raiders, but they have very cheap cost, allowing you to make groups of them in attacking the enemy.

Bandits are cheap sources of damage, allowing you to easily exploit holes in defenses with large numbers of Bandits before the enemy can react.

Use Bandits in conjunction with Outlaws to catch fleeing units and destroy them.

Rogues benefit from having something to defend them from raiders, meaning a couple of bandits are extremely helpful in defending a skirmisher which has really slow missile speed.

Avoid all AOE weapons. Bandits are great in groups and have little HP, which AOE weapons are designed to exploit.

Bandits, in groups, can take down stronger raiders with little to no losses if they focus fire onto that one unit.