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Commander intro[edit]

At the start of a match, you are given the option to select a Commander Chassis.

Your desired playstyle will determine which of the commanders would suit you best, which are summarized in the following table:

HP Speed Can Jump Build Power Modules
Strike High Medium No Normal Versatile
Guardian Excellent Medium No Normal Powerful
Recon Low Fast Yes Normal Light
Engineer Medium Slow No Improved Support

Your commander can be configured with a variety of Modules to better suit your playstyle. A commander can be made more powerful in the middle of a round by using the 'Morph' command to gain levels. Each time you morph to a higher Commander Level you are given the option to spend metal to attach new modules.

Modules can have different costs. Morphs to a new Level have a base cost and additional cost for each module selected.

Commanders start at Level 1 with a Beam Laser and a radar module attached.

At Commander Level 2, it is possible to replace your starting Weapon.

At Commander Level 4, a second weapon (or a Special Weapon) can be added. Some weapons at this level require the use of both hands. If the weapon upgrade slot is left empty, your commander is given a second Beam Laser for free.

Each added level gives the commander a health boost. Commanders can morph an unlimited number of times until all possible modules are attached. Engineer commanders will also gain additional build power with each level.

Favorite loadouts can be created and saved (up to Commander Level 6) for online play.

Modules and weapons[edit]

Number of slots per level[edit]

Commanders start at level 1. The number of modules and weapons increases with levels.

Commander level 1 2 3 4 5 +
Base Ibeam.png cost -     25 100 600 200 +100
Base time - 2 6 30 8 ++
Total Weapon slots 0 1 1 2 2 +0
Total Module slots 0 1 3 5 8 +3

Equipping weapons and modules costs additional metal. Morph time is partly dependant on the metal cost.

Module types[edit]

Modules have cyan names in the unlock list, although their icon color depends on their nature. They fall into four categories.


module_ablative_armor.png module_autorepair.png module_high_power_servos.png

These modules are able to be stacked up to 8 times. Stacking them repeatedly will create a powerful commander, even though their bonuses as quite minor. These are cyan. This type of module is the one that should be used the most, and because of their versatility, it is useful if you intend on getting commanders which do many things, or a single buff commander that is fast, invisible and deals lots of damage. Some of these modules will subtract speed or HP, and should be used with caution as too much will leave the commander a sitting duck.

Name Description Cost Strike Guardian Recon Engineer
Advanced targeting system +7.5% range for all weapons. -2.5% speed. 150
Damage booster +10% damage for all weapons. -2.5% speed. 150
High density plating +1600 HP,-10% speed. Requires Ablative armor plates. 400
Ablative armor plates +600 HP 150
Companion drone +1 Weak attack drone 300
Battle drone +1 Drone with slowing laser, requires Companion drone. 500
Carrepairer's nanolathe +4 Buildpower 150
High power servos +8% speed 150
Autorepair system +10 HP/sec, -100 HP 150


module_fieldradar.png module_areashield.png module_jammer.png

Support modules are not stackable. They can provide large expensive bonuses such as a shield, cloaking, jamming or a cloaking field. These are cyan as well.

Name Description Cost Req. level Strike Guardian Recon Engineer
Area shield conversion Upgrades Personal shield. Larger shield (same as Aspis)
Prevents commander from cloaking
250 3
Cloaking field Upgrades Radar jammer. Cloaks friendly units within 350 elmo similar to Iris
15 E/s upkeep
600 3
Field radar Basic radar with 1800 elmo range 75 1 (Free)
Lazarus device Commander can resurrect wrecks same as Athena 400 2
Personal cloak Cloaks the commander
Does not work with shields
400 2
Personal shield Small shield with 1250 HP, no upkeep
Prevents commander from cloaking
300 2
Radar jammer 500 elmo range 200 2

Weapon Boosters[edit]

weaponmod_standoff_rocket.png weaponmod_autoflechette.png weaponmod_high_frequency_beam.png

These modules are expensive but give a large bonus to a few specific weapons but can only be applied once. They require a level 2 commander. They are a space effective way to spend a module slot but make sure you have the weapon that they affect. They are purple.

Name Description Cost Weapon Strike Guardian Recon Engineer
Disruptor ammo Reduced direct damage by 25%. Add slow damage equal to 2X damage. 300 Shotgun
Machine gun
Light/Heavy particle beam
Flux amplifier Improves stun duration and EMP damage. 300 Lightning rifle
Multi stunner
Napalm warhead Set targets on fire. Reduced direct damage. 350 Riot cannon
Rocket launcher

Weapon types[edit]

There are 2 types of weapon, special and normal. Both weapon types are affected by the stackable range and damage modules. Weapon names are in red.


commweapon_beamlaser.png commweapon_rocketlauncher.png commweapon_gaussrifle.png

These are auto-targetting normal weapons that behave the same was as any other unit. They can be affected by weapon boosters and weapon converters given that it is the right weapon. They are all affected by stackable modules. They are red.

Name Range Reload time Damage DPS Strike Guardian Recon Engineer Notes
Beam Laser 330 150 Constant beam
Flame thrower 270 0.17 11 66 Sets units on fire for 15s(15 DPS)
Pierces units
Does more damage against larger units
Heatray 300 0.1 0 - 45 0 - 450 Damage falls off linearly with range
Heavy particle beam 390 3.1 800 258 Replaces all other weapons
Mounted on second weapon slot
Light particle beam 300 0.33 70 210
Lightning Rifle 300 1.83 220+550 120+300 EMP duration: 1s
Machine Gun 285 0.17 30 180
Missile launcher 415 1 80 80 Homing
Pea Shooter 300 0.1 12 120
Riot cannon 275 1.63 220 135 AoE
Rocket launcher 430 3 360 120 Not Homing
Shock Rifle 600 12 1512 125 Replaces all other weapons
Mounted on second weapon slot
Shotgun 290 2 32x12 (384) 192


commweapon_napalmgrenade.png commweapon_disruptorbomb.png commweapon_sunburst.png

Special weapons have a long reload time and must be manually aimed with the 'D' key. They are only affected by stackable modules. They are orange and can only be put on the level 4 weapon slot.

Name Range Reload time Damage DPS Strike Guardian Recon Engineer Special Notes
Cluster bomb 360 30 300x8 (2400) 80 Bomblets spread (like a shotgun)
Concussion shell 450 25 750 30 Has Impulse (Tosses some units)
Disintegrator 200 30 2000 46.67 Directed burst of energy
Damage varies on unit size
Disruptor bomb 450 25 350+2100 14+84 Slow Effect, Has large AOE (512)
Hellfire grenade 450 25 200 8 Sets an area on fire (45s,40dps+3s burning)
Multistunner 360 25 550/800 x 16 (8800/12800) 352/512 Affected by flux amplifier. Max EMP time: 8s [upgraded: 10s]
SLAM 700 30 1512 50.4 Tactical Missile with high vertical arc

Key: EMP Damage, Slow Damage

Commander Chassis[edit]

There are 4 types of commander chassis to choose for a battle.

You can configure custom commanders based on these chassis on your user page; you must be logged in to the Zero-K website and go to: These custom commanders may be selected at the beginning of the game in multiplayer matches. You will still need to upgrade them as usual, but the upgrade options are filled in to your preferences.

Common attributes[edit]

Metal Production 4 / s    Energy Production 6 / s
Beam Range 330    HP Regen 5 / s
Sight Distance 500    Sonar Distance 500
Build Power 10    Build Power (Engineer) 10+
Build Range 144    Build Range (Engineer) 220+

Metal and energy production come from a unique Vanguard economy module. Any resurrected commanders will have lost this module and produce no resources. Engineer commanders gain additional build power and range with levels.

Chassis list[edit]

Note that attributes on level 1 and level 2 are equal. Morphing to level 2 provides no bonus other than the weapon and module slot.

Strike Commander[edit]


  • All rounder
  • Decent health and speed (40.5)
  • Can use the most weapon types
  • Combat regen bonus
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
HP: 4200 HP: 4200 HP: 4600
Bonus regen: 7.5
HP: 5200
Bonus Regen: 15
HP: 5800
Bonus regen: 22,5
HP: 6400
Bonus regen: 30

Guardian Commander[edit]


  • Best HP
  • Medium speed (40)
  • Gains more HP from increased levels than other chassis do
  • Able to use most non-exotic weapons
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
HP: 4400 HP: 4400 HP: 5000 HP: 5700 HP: 6600 HP: 7600

Recon Commander[edit]


  • Lowest HP
  • Highest Speed (43.5)
  • Can Jump
  • Uses light weapons
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
HP: 3250 HP: 3250 HP: 3400 HP: 3600 HP: 3800 HP: 4000

Engineer Commander[edit]


  • Lowest speed (36)
  • Low HP
  • Gains buildpower and small amount of build range with levels
  • Increased build range (220 + 12/level, up to 280, compared to 144 for others)
  • Fewer direct damage weapons
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6
HP: 3800
Buildpower: 10
HP: 3800
Buildpower: 12
HP: 4000
Buildpower: 14
HP: 4300
Buildpower: 16
HP: 4600
Buildpower: 18
HP: 5000
Buildpower: 20

Exact effects of attribute modifiers[edit]

Attribute modifiers are applied in this order:

  • Commander Chassis absolute statistics
  • Percentage modifiers both from modules and chassis
  • Absolute modifiers

Percentage modifiers from commanders and stackable modules are additive, not cumulative. Five +10% speed modules multiply a commander's speed by 1.5 instead of by 1.1^5 = 1.61.

Percentage modifiers from weapon boosters and converters are cumulative and applied before other percentage modifiers. Think of them as changing the intrinsic stats of the weapon, rather than adding a bonus.