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Maybe ideal for new player (under construction). So please add something useful here. Also expand into ZK slang in general, not just abbreviations.


  • AA - Anti Air
  • anni - Lucifer (anni is from Annihilator, the old name) (heavy tachyon tower)
  • AoE - Area of Effect (splash damage)
  • avenger - old name for Swift (multirole fighter)
  • Amph - Amphibious bots
  • Air - Typically plane factory; rarely gunships.


  • Bantha - Old name for Paladin
  • BB - Big Bertha - the long range cannon
  • BD - Revenant, comes from old name Black Dawn - Heavy Raider/Assault gunship
  • behe - Cerberus, from old name Behemoth
  • BP - buildpower - the speed at which constructors/factories convert resources to units
  • BW - BlastWing - flying bomb unit


  • cata - Merlin. From the old name, Catapult. - artillery strider
  • CCR - Comet Catcher Redux - the flat vehicle map
  • com(m) - Commander - the starting unit
  • con - Constructor - any mobile unit with ability to build stuff
  • CS - ChainSaw - Long Range Anti Air


  • det - (also detri) - Detriment (the largest strider)
  • DDM - Desolator, formerly known as the Doomsday Machine - heavy defensive structure
  • DF - DeinFreund - one of the developers
  • dgun - Disintegrator Gun - class of special weapons that need manual activation using "D" key - for example Dante's missile volley or special commander weapons
  • domi - Dominatrix (capture vehicle)
  • DPS - Damage Per Second
  • DRP - Disco Rave Party - the superweapon
  • Drop - A "drop" happens when units are loaded into transports and then "dropped" somewhere, like the enemy base
  • DSD - Delta Siege Dry - a popular teams map


  • E - Energy - the resource
  • eco - Economy - all resource-producing units and buildings
  • Elo - a rating system used for balancing games basing on estimated players skill (on which ZK's ladder ratings used to be based on)
  • EMP - ElectroMagnetic Pulse - paralyzer weapons, can also be used to mean an air player using thunderbird.


  • FFA - free for all - a match with 3+ teams
  • fac- Factory - building that produces mobile units
  • FW - Firewalker (artillery bot)
  • fus - Fusion Reactor
  • Firepluk award - Named after the player Firepluk; When a player resigns very early into the game but ends up winning anyways.


  • geo - Geothermal Powerplant or the spot where it can be built (also geospot)
  • GF - GoogleFrog - one of the lead developers
  • GS - Gunships
  • golly or Goli - Cyclops, formerly known as Goliath (heavy tank)
  • grid - energy grid - system of connected energy sources, part of overdrive. Structures are in the same grid if their "circles" touch.



  • icy - Icy Run v2, a popular map for (very) high density casual teamgames
  • IoG - Isle of Grief, a map


  • JJ - JumpJet factory


  • KR - KingRaptor - one of the core developers (currently known as Histidine)


  • Licho - old name for Likho (heavy bomber plane)
  • link - to link disconnected parts of energy grid together OR to link shields together
  • LLT - Light Laser Tower (the Lotus turret)
  • lobster - a taunt for a player who haven't performed well in ongoing or previous battle(s).
  • LoS - line of sight
  • LV - Light Vehicles (Factory) - LV got renamed to Rover factory


  • M - Metal - the resource
  • mex - Metal Extractor, to mex the action of constructing extractors on untapped metal spots
  • morph - to upgrade a commander or a geothermal generator
  • moho - old name for Advanced Geothermal
  • MT - Missile Tower (the Picket turret)


  • nano - Caretaker nanolathe tower (static constructor)
  • nap - to kidnap - usually "comnap" - capture enemy commander with air transport
  • NullAI - a "sandbox" skirmish opponent which does nothing, sometimes used as an insult


  • OD - OverDrive - overdrive pumps spare energy to metal extractors to improve their output, see economic section of the manual
  • OP - OverPowered - something is considered too good for its cost (eg a unit/module/ability)
  • OTA - (Original) Total Annihilation - a 1997 RTS game which ZK started out as a mod of (where "original" is to refer to the retail game as opposed to the collection of the various other mods it spawned)
  • owled - weak enough it might as well not be in the game


  • pene - Lance. From old name penetrator. (hovercraft artillery)
  • porc - (from porcupine) - heavy defenses, usually useless
  • porcing - playing too defensively, not taking enough land
  • PW - PlanetWars - the online multiplayer campaign
  • plop (fac) - deploying your first factory, which is free and builds instantly


  • rec - Reclaim - command to recycle units, wreckages and map features
  • ress/rez - Ressurection (common misspelled version of resurrection) - ability to recreate a unit from its wreckage


  • SD - Stardust
  • singu - Singularity Reactor - most powerful, and most dangerous energy-producing structure
  • Shadow - old name for Raven (bomber plane)
  • shiny - huge explosion caused either by nuke, advanced geothermal or destruction of Singularity Reactor. Can also be used when a lot of bombs chain explode.
  • skydust - Stardust on a terraformed spire
  • Starlulz - Starlight
  • stiletto - old name for Thunderbird (disarming plane)
  • SSB - Small Supreme Battlefield - a remake of Seton's Clutch, the iconic map from Supreme Commander
  • selfd - Self Destruct - usually meant as an encouragement to self destruct all your things using CTRL+A, CTRL+D keys to end the game; sometimes to self destruct a single unit for its powerful death explosion
  • shield-ball - A group of units that have shields, usually containing thugs, felons, and possibly an aspis(mobile area shield)


  • TB - Thunderbird - area disable bomber plane.
  • terra - Terraform - a way to modify map's landscape
  • tit d - Titan Duel, a popular map
  • Trollcom - a frontline commander with a lot of investment, typically a disintegrator gun commander with high movement speed.


  • ubermex - a metal extractor spot with much more yield than usual (4+ while typical mex is 2)
  • UP - UnderPowered - something is considered too weak for its cost (eg a unit/module/ability)
  • Ulti - Ultimatum - cloaked anti-heavy strider


  • WHR - Whole History Rating - the rating system used for the ZK ladder. See also 'Elo'.
  • Wubbernaut - A new player. Comes from wub (similar to nub) + naut (to explore).


  • ZK - Zero Kelvin - the name of this game