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This is a summary of the in-game options menu, which is brought up by pressing Esc or F10. Doing so will pause the game in a single-player game.

To see all menu settings available, uncheck the "Simple Settings" box at the bottom of the dialog box.

Simple Settings[edit]

A list of basic options is visible when the "Simple Settings" box is checked at the bottom of the menu. All these options are included in the "Advanced" options list below, shown when the box is unchecked.

Advanced Settings[edit]

This is the full list of options, enabled by unchecking the "Simple Settings" box at the bottom of the menu.

There is a search button available on the menu, or you can type /search: into chat.



Use selection filtering
Enable or disable Selection Rank. If disabled, the button that allows rank to be changed will not appear on the command panel.
Only filter when Alt is held
If enabled, selection rank will affect unit selection only when Alt is held down.

Two Sliders are available to modify how selection rank rules can be overridden.

The remaining options in this section of the menu will change the visual indicator around selected units.

Retreat Zones[edit]

Retreat overrides selection rank
In conjunction with the slider, this will prevent retreating units from being selected when they are mixed with groups of still-fighting units.
Retreat deselects
With a group of units selected, those that begin retreating will automatically be removed from the selection.
Only Show My Zones
If unchecked, will show ally's retreat zones as well. Can be bound to a hotkey.

Mouse Cursor[edit]

Hardware Cursor
Use the graphics processor to assist in drawing the cursor.
Large cursor
Pointer size can be changed to be easier to see on high-resolution displays.
Lock Cursor to Window, Lobby overlay disables lock, Pausing disables lock
When the game is in windowed mode, the cursor can be unlocked from the window, so that it can be used to control other applications.

Gesture Menu[edit]

Toggle gesture menu
If enabled, a key can be bound to bring up a branching radial build menu for construction units.


Initial Map Overlay[edit]

Start with LOS enabled
Enables line-of-sight overlay when the game starts.

Other Options[edit]

Radar Color
Allows for changing the default colors showing radar and jammer coverage on the line-of-sight display. By default, this is the faint colored boundaries outside of your current line of sight, indicating where where you currently have radar coverage. Various useful presets may also be selected.
Auto Toggle Overlay
The checkboxes will enable automatic overlays for related activities (reclaim/resurrect, construction/terraform, and moving/jumping). The overlay will be automatically disabled when not being used. These options can be hotkeyed.
Metal Spots
Options to choose whether metal extractor spots (default hotkey of F4) show their rate of extraction as a number or graphic, as well as how large to display the metal info.

Team Colors[edit]

Options for displaying how team colors are shown. Generally, teams are color-coordinated, with allies as blue colors, and enemies in red colors.


Various command options and command button visibility toggles.

Hovering Icons[edit]

Various unit states can be displayed over the unit if any states have been changed from "normal". By default, holding Shift will display priority states.


  • Health bars can be toggled if a hotkey is set.
  • Destroyed units can have their health displayed. When corpse take enough damage, they will disintegrate and will not be reclaimable.
  • Min reload time slider controls how long of a unit's reload time is required to be displayed under the health bar. The reload time is not visible until zoomed in sufficiently.

Unit Marker[edit]

Map symbols for individual important units can be toggled. There are also options to toggle all markers. When enabled, enemy units will be identified with a map marker displaying the unit type and owning player (similar to drawing on the map with ~ + double-click).

Build ETA[edit]

  • Partially constructed units will display a clock showing the remaining time to completion.
  • Display Height controls how far out you can zoom while still seeing the ETA icons.

Building Placement[edit]

Advanced Missile Silo Ranges
Enable to show additional information about missile flight paths.

Options for the interface used to terraform buildings being placed can be enabled or disabled here.


Spectator view can be adjusted to show line of sight for the selected team. This also affects the view during replays.

Econ. Announcer
Can be configured to display the total assets for the team at various times. This may be useful if the players agree to an economic victory. This must be manually enforced, so may only be suitable for prearranged games.

Economy Overlay[edit]

Start with economy overlay
Enable the F4 overlay at the beginning of a game, showing metal spots and energy grids.

The way the energy grid is displayed can be modified.

Command Visibility[edit]

You can choose to show unit commands on the ground in a variety of ways. By default, currently selected units display their orders, orders for non-selected will be displayed with Shift.

Defense and Cloak Ranges[edit]

  • Checkboxes to display circles on the ground showing various color-coded range information. Weapon ranges are red, decloak range is a blue shaded circle, etc.
  • By default, your units will show their cloak ranges, and generally enemy defenses will show their ranges when you scout them. For example, this will help you keep your raiders away from enemy defenses.
  • If unchecked, this information may be seen by holding Shift and hovering over a unit.

Control Groups[edit]

Settings to control autogroup behavior.

Preserve Auto Groups
Maintain autogroups between games. If you find units have an unexpected group number after exiting a factory, this is probably why.
Display Group Numbers
Show a small white number next to units if they are in a group.
Inherit Factory Control Group
Make freshly-produced units have the same group number as the factory that made them. Selecting the group will not select the factory, as long as the factory has a lower selection rank.

Falling Units[edit]

Visible trajectories for units launched by Newtons or dropped by transport aircraft can be adjusted to be shown or hidden.


HDR (experimental)[edit]

Map Detail[edit]


Unit Visibility[edit]


Map Exterior[edit]

Sun and Fog[edit]

Unit Behavior[edit]

Reset Settings[edit]




HUD Panels[edit]

HUD Presets[edit]




Further information: Hotkeys


This section contains information on unit stats, and various basic game concepts. Unit stats can also be seen when playing the game, by holding Space and clicking on a unit.

Save/Load Game[edit]

Vote Resign/Resign[edit]

When all hope is lost, your team must agree to give up. One player will select "Vote Resign", and other players may vote "Yes" to confirm they surrender. All of the resigning team's units are destroyed.

When resigning alone without a vote, your units will be donated to another player on your team.


Exit to Lobby[edit]