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Using the in-game menu, you can quickly bind any key combination to almost any action or unit command. Advanced key binding can be performed by editing a configuration file.


Further information: Terraform  and Terraforming Presets
Terraforming presets
Shortcut Effect
Alt + VMakes the smallest wall that can prevent Vehicles from passing.
Alt + BMakes the smallest wall that can prevent Bots from passing.
Alt + NMakes a wall that will block direct fire weapons like lasers. This allows indirect fire units like Rogue or Recluse to shoot at a Stinger with impunity.
Alt + GLevels the terrain to the height of the ground at the (initial) mouse pointer's location.
Alt + HMakes a tall spire to give high ground advantage for units like Crab.
Alt + JMakes a deep hole.


Further information: Selection Hotkeys
Selection hotkeys
Press To select
Ctrl + AEverything.
Ctrl + FAll mobile non-builder units.
ZAn idle builder; press repeatedly to cycle trough idle builders.
Ctrl + BAll idle constructors.
Ctrl + CCommander.
Ctrl + ZAll units that are the same as the one you are currently selecting.
Ctrl + XAll units that are the same as the one you are currently selecting that are currently visible on the screen.
Ctrl + TTransports.
Ctrl + SOwls.
Ctrl + GRaptors.
Ctrl + IRemoves non-idle units from your selection.
Ctrl + ERemoves all units that are above 30% HP from your selection.

Unit Grouping[edit]

Further information: Selection Autogroups
Autogroup hotkeys
Keys Effect
Alt + numberMakes permanent autogroup out of currently selected unit types. New units then join that group when they first become idle.
Alt + ~Removes currently selected unit types from the autogroup.
Ctrl + ~Selects one unit out of currently selected units (closest to your mouse cursor) and removes it from any groups (not removing type from autogroup, just current unit from group).