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The Recluse is a skirmisher spider (indirect fire) from the Spider Factory.

Recluse (spiderskirm)
Skirmisher Spider (Indirect Fire)
Cost 280
Hit Points 650
Mass 165
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 45
Turn Rate (deg/s) 276
Vision Radius (elmo) 627
Transportable Light
Rocket Volley
Damage 135 × 3
Reload Time (s) 4
Damage per Second 102
Range (elmo) 570
Area of Effect (elmo) 24
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 400
Wobbly (maximum, deg/s) 49
Arcing shot (deg) 56


An all-terrain skirmisher that can climb to difficult-to-reach locations and launch arcing volleys of rockets. It fires a burst of three rockets at a single target. It has good vision and more range than other skirmishers, but it is slow to move across distances and the rockets it fires are relatively inaccurate.

Strategy and Tactics

In its Skirmisher role, the Recluse is put in a bad position when enemy units get close. A Recluse on its own is fragile and should be escorted by other spiders, firing from range while the escort keeps the enemy at a safe distance. Because of the rocket spread, the Recluse works well against enemy unit groups, as each rocket is more likely to hit something. A single volley from a Recluse will typically miss a rapidly jinking target, but as the number of Recluses grow, it quickly becomes unrealistic for a target to avoid damage entirely.