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The Recluse is a skirmisher spider (indirect fire) from the Spider Factory.

Recluse (spiderskirm)
Skirmisher Spider (Indirect Fire)
Cost 280
Hit Points 650
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 45
Turn Rate (deg/s) 277
Vision Radius (elmo) 627
Transportable Light
Rocket Volley
Damage 135 × 3
Reload Time (s) 4
Damage per Second 101
Range (elmo) 570
Area of Effect (elmo) 24
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 400
Wobbly (maximum, deg/s) 49
Arcing shot (deg) 56


An all terrain missile launching unit. Climb walls with this spider walker and take your enemy by surprise. The unguided rockets cannot hit a rapidly jinking target, but they have a fairly long range.

Strategy and Tactics[edit]

Like all skirmisher units, if a unit gets close, the skirmisher is put in a bad position as it will have a problem getting the unit killed. The Recluse's 3 rocket volley is very inaccurate, but quite strong, so it should be grouped up to fire more rockets and take out more units. Because of the rocket spread, enemy unit groups are much easier to take out, as the rockets have a larger chance to hit them. The Recluse should be paired with other spiders, and attack from the distance while your escorts close range with the enemy, or kite the enemy along with your escorts.