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The Likho is a singularity bomber from the Airplane Plant.

Likho (bomberheavy)
Singularity Bomber
Cost 2000
Hit Points 2360
Mass 478
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 270
Vision Radius (elmo) 780
Altitude (elmo) 375
Implosion Bomb
Damage 2000
Reload Time (s) 1
Range (elmo) 500
Area of Effect (elmo) 96
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 400
Homing (deg/s) 164


The Likho drops a single powerful bomb that can send units flying. It is sturdy enough to penetrate moderate AA and escape to repair, but should not be used recklessly - it's too expensive for that.

Tactics and Strategy

The Likho is your heavy-duty end-game bomber. It can survive enemy fire that would destroy two Ravens, but costs as much as 6.5 of them. Depending on what you find yourself having to deal with, you may be better off with more Ravens!

  • The Likho is especially useful against units that like to clump together into balls, like units from the Shieldbot Factory, Ravagers, and Blitzes.
  • The Likho's large cost means that it's a prime target for reclamation if you do lose it. Try not to lose it over enemy territory! If possible, lose it as close to your own front lines as you can! Better still, do not lose it at all.
  • The homing bomb of the Likho means it's much less likely to miss moving targets than the bombs the Raven drops. This also means it doesn't have to get so close to the enemy and can be more safely used against units with low range but high damage like Reavers, Maces, or Ogres.