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The Redback is a riot spider from the Spider Factory.

Redback (spiderriot)
Riot Spider
Cost 240
Hit Points 900
Mass 170
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 52
Turn Rate (deg/s) 319
Vision Radius (elmo) 366
Transportable Light
Auto Particle Beam
Damage 80
Reload Time (s) 0.30
Damage per Second 267
Range (elmo) 300
Instantly hits


A rapid-fire spider that excels at picking off fast units.

Strategy and Tactics

This spider excels at taking out fast units, which is a problem for the spider factory in general. Like most Spiders, the Redback can be combined with Recluses to create a hard-to-beat combo, as raiders will have a problem closing the distance. Its somewhat high range for a riot allows for some kiting, and is very hard to engage with short-ranged units. It also has very high DPS, which makes constantly strafing the enemy a good idea, as it allows the Redback to deal more damage. Powerful against Gunships as well.

Keep away from skirmishers and artillery.

These spiders are tall enough to shoot over each other and are much stronger in groups.