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The Djinn is an amphibious teleport bridge from the Amphbot Factory.

Djinn (amphtele)
Amphibious Teleport Bridge
Cost 750
Hit Points 2500
Mass 327
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 75
Turn Rate (deg/s) 138
Vision Radius (elmo) 300
Sonar (elmo) 300
Transportable Medium
Improved Regen
Water Regen (HP/s) 30
At depth (elmo) 40


Djinn excels at moving large land based armies across bodies of water. It can place a Lamp at remote locations with its special ability to teleport units. The teleportation is one-way, moving units from the Lamp to the Djinn, so ensure the destination is safe.

Tactics And Strategy

Djinn is an expensive unit, so it's best built to move expensive armies, like striders, a dozen Scallops, or a couple Grizzlies.

Djinn is faster than many heavy and assault-class units, and outspeeds most of the amph bot factory unit set. Move it ahead of your assault force to close the distance faster.

The specops engineer Athena can fly undetected behind enemy lines to build Djinn. If walking is not an option, flying can be.

Djinn can be used for unit retrieval. Keep the Djinn safe in base, and create a lamp cross-map near your exposed units. Teleport them back to safety for Repairs and to join the next assault.