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The Paladin is a ranged support strider from the Strider Hub.

Paladin (striderbantha)
Ranged Support Strider
Cost 10000
Hit Points 32000
Mass 1532
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 43
Turn Rate (deg/s) 192
Vision Radius (elmo) 720
Transportable Heavy
Improved Regen
Combat Regen (HP/s) 20
Tachyon Accelerator
Damage 3000
Reload Time (s) 10
Damage per Second 300
Range (elmo) 950
Burst Time (s) 1
Instantly hits
Lightning Cannon
Damage 320
EMP Damage 960
Reload Time (s) 1
Damage per Second 320 + 960
Max Stun Time (s) 1
Range (elmo) 465
Inaccuracy (deg) 1.60
Instantly hits
EMP Missiles
Damage 0 × 12
EMP Damage 1250 × 12
Reload Time (s) 30
Damage per Second 0 + 504
Max Stun Time (s) 20
Range (elmo) 1200
Area of Effect (elmo) 64
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 250
Homing (deg/s) 43
Wobbly (maximum, deg/s) 98
Arcing shot (deg) 45
Potential friendly fire


The Paladin is an even heavier solution to a particularly uncrackable defense line, with a tachyon projector and EMP missiles for stand-off engagements, lightning hand cannons for general purpose combat, and a good deal of armor. Beware though, for it is defenseless against air and cannot be used effectively on its own.

Tactics and Strategy