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The Sparrow is a light scout and jammer plane.

Sparrow (planelightscout)
Light Scout/Radar Jammer Plane
Cost 230
Hit Points 350
Mass 135
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 210
Vision Radius (elmo) 950
Altitude (elmo) 330
Radar Jammer
Radar jam (elmo) 540
Instant self-destruction


The Sparrow is a light scout that can be built from a Radar Tower, making it the only plane that is available without a Plane Factory. Such an accessible scouting option is invaluable to those without access to planes.

Tactics and Strategy

  • The Sparrow is unarmed and fragile, but has the benefit that it can be morphed from a basic radar tower. This makes airborne scouting and radar jamming in the early game available regardless of which factory is chosen.
  • It can also be built directly from the Airplane Plant, but for scouting is inferior to the other choices available there like the Swift and the Owl.
  • With its radar jammer you could try using it to hide the approach of your forces or hide the radar dots of your frontline to make it harder for enemy artillery to hit you.