Radar Tower

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The Radar Tower is an early warning system.

Radar Tower (staticradar)
Early Warning System
Radar Tower
Cost 55
Hit Points 80
Energy (E/s) -0.8
Vision Radius (elmo) 800
Provides Intel
Radar (elmo) 2100
To Sparrow
Cost 175
Time (s) 24
Disabled during morph Yes


The Radar tower provides early warning of enemy units and their movements over a moderate distance at virtually no cost. It has a very small but steady energy cost and will automatically shut down if you run out of energy. Radar coverage is blocked by terrain such as mountains. Some units may carry a radar jammer or be able to cloak and evade detection by radar.

The Radar tower can also be morphed into a light scout plane, the Sparrow, mainly used for early game scouting when the Airplane factory is not available.