Chicken Tube

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The Chicken Tube is a defense building and energy source for the chickens.

Chicken Tube (chickend)
Defence and energy source
Cost 120
Hit Points 500
Energy (E/s) 2
Vision Radius (elmo) 512
Sonar (elmo) 512
Improved Regen
Idle Regen (HP/s) 20
Time to enable (s) 10
Explosive Spores
Damage 60 x 4
Reload Time (s) 12
Damage per Second 20
Range (elmo) 460
Area of Effect (elmo) 48
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 500
Homing (deg/s) 131
Wobbly (maximum, deg/s) 175
Arcing shot (deg) 63
Water capable


The Tube is the chickens' only defense structure, firing deadly spores at air and ground targets alike.