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The Razor is a hardened anti-air laser.

Razor (turretaalaser)
Hardened Anti-Air Laser
Cost 280
Hit Points 3000
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Armored Form
Reduction (%) 66%
Anti-Air Laser
Damage 14.9
Reload Time (s) 0.1
Damage per Second 149
Range (elmo) 1000
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 1500


The Razor is a hardy anti-air turret. Its high hit points and 4x armour bonus when closed makes it very hard for the enemy to dislodge.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

As far as fixed AA defenses are concerned, its often a good idea to start with razors and escalate to bigger defenses if needed. Razor has an excellent combination of low cost, high coverage and decent damage output, and will often be the only AA defense you will need to protect an area against light aerial harassment, especially if the enemy is attacking you with gunships rather than planes.

Razors are also extremely durable for their cost, especially when closed. As a result, they can also be used as a decoy against enemy artillery: build a razor in front of your other things, and enemy artillery relying on radar for their targeting will waste their shots against it.