Big Bertha

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The Big Bertha is a strategic plasma cannon.

Big Bertha (staticheavyarty)
Strategic Plasma Cannon - Power by connecting to a 50 energy grid
Cost 6000
Hit Points 4800
Vision Radius (elmo) 660
Grid link range (elmo) 50
Very Heavy Plasma Cannon
Damage 2002
Reload Time (s) 8
Damage per Second 250
Range (elmo) 5600
Area of Effect (elmo) 88
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 1050
Smooths ground


The Bertha is a massive cannon that fires high-energy plasmoids across the map. Used appropriately, it can effectively suppress enemy operations from the safety of your base. Do not expect it to win battles alone for you, however.

Tactics and Strategy

Big Bertha lives up to its ancestor's name. It is used similarly to its ancestor too: bombarding the enemy base from a safe, distant location. After a while of shelling an enemy defensive line, you can send in the infantry to mop up what's left. Alternately, you can shell the enemy base directly and reduce it to rubble.

Be careful, as the enemy may make a push with all their available units to destroy the Big Bertha. Have some defenses ready, especially around the gun itself.