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The Surfboard was a transport platform.

Surfboard (armtboat)
Transport Platform
Cost 220
Hit Points 1200
Mass 183
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 99
Turn Rate (deg/s) 97
Vision Radius (elmo) 325


The Surfboard serves as a naval transport and firing platform--that is, any unit on the Surfboard can fire off of it.


The Surfboard was removed for a few reasons. The design on a conceptual level was not well thought-out, it was ugly, and it was rather buggy. It was decided that removing the unit was the best course of action, as attempting to fix it would be far more effort than it was worth. The Surfboard in any recognizable state is more than likely not coming back.

"approximately every single facet of the unit was, to put it bluntly, shit" - Sprung[1]