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The Minotaur is an assault tank from the Tank Foundry.

Minotaur (tankassault)
Assault Tank
Cost 850
Hit Points 7200
Mass 485
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 73
Turn Rate (deg/s) 96
Vision Radius (elmo) 506
Transportable Medium
Medium Plasma Cannon
Damage 320 × 2
Reload Time (s) 4
Damage per Second 160
Range (elmo) 360
Area of Effect (elmo) 16
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 260


A heavy duty battle tank. The Minotaur excels at absorbing damage in pitched battles, but its low rate of fire means it is not so good at dealing with swarms, and its heavy armor comes at the price of maneuverability.

Tactics and Strategy

A combination of exceptionally high health with above average top speed means Minotaurs excel at surviving battle if you bother to pull them back when their health is low. This gives you the opportunity to repair them and send them back to the front brand new. Its easy to see how this can give you the upper hand in the battle of attrition over time.

Minotaurs parked in the frontlines should have supporting riot units handy, least the enemy raid or "crawling"/mobile bomb them, as their cannons are quite terrible at killing anything fast or numerous.