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The Thug is a shielded assault bot from the Shieldbot Factory.

Thug (shieldassault)
Shielded Assault Bot
Cost 175
Hit Points 960
Mass 159
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 57
Turn Rate (deg/s) 395
Vision Radius (elmo) 420
Transportable Light
Energy Shield
Strength (HP) 1200
Regen (HP/s) 13
Regen cost (E/s) 0
Radius (elmo) 80
Light Plasma Cannon
Damage 170
Reload Time (s) 4
Damage per Second 42
Range (elmo) 280
Area of Effect (elmo) 18
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 210


Weak on its own, the Thug makes an excellent screen for Outlaws and Rogues. The linking shield gives Thugs strength in numbers, but can be defeated by AoE weapons or focus fire.

Tactics And Strategy

Send Thugs to destroy the opponent's static defenses while tanking the damage for Rogues and Outlaws.

A small group of Thugs benefit greatly from an Outlaw, as the Outlaw slows down the fire rate of turrets, allowing the Thugs to tank damage for a longer time, while also slowing down raiders who attack the group. As a benefit, the Thugs can tank for the Outlaw, allowing the Outlaw's disruptor pulse to finish its work.

Use Thugs with Felons to tank damage intended for the Felon, while also helping regenerate the Felon's shields.

Thugs can be used as heavy raiders as they can go through light defense by themselves or with a partner that Bandits wouldn't be able to.

Thugs lack damage, so they take time to destroy enemy static defense, so bringing some Bandits along will allow the Bandits to get close and destroy the static defense while the Thugs tank damage for them.