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The Raven is a precision bomber from the Airplane Plant.

Raven (bomberprec)
Precision Bomber (Anti-Sub)
Cost 300
Hit Points 1000
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 234
Vision Radius (elmo) 780
Altitude (elmo) 270
Guided Bomb
Damage 800
Reload Time (s) 8
Damage per Second 100
Range (elmo) 180
Area of Effect (elmo) 16
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 135
Homing (deg/s) 110
Water capable


The Raven drops a single high damage, low AoE bomb. Cost for cost, nothing quite matches it for taking out that Antinuke, Minotaur or sensitive pieces of economy, but a Phoenix is more effective against smaller mobiles.

Tactics and Strategy[edit]

Ravens are the workhorse of the Airplane Plant. They're the cheapest bombers, they deal a lot of damage, and have the most hitpoints for their cost.

  • Sometimes it's worth it to channel your inner World War 2 British bomber command officer and sacrifice some of your Ravens to take out an important enemy target. With five ravens you can bomb a Razor anti air turret to pave the way for more bombers to follow them. Or you can strike at a Singularity Reactor deep within enemy territory. If five of your bombers make it through, you will cripple your enemy's economy and perhaps take out a large portion of their base. Or if your allies are facing a particularly deadly unit, like a Dante, you could turn the tide in favour of your allies with a well-timed bomb run.
  • If your enemy pushes out from under their AA cover, a quick wing of Ravens using the spread attack command (Default 'Ctrl+A') can quickly soften the enemy units up for a follow-up by ground forces, or take care of the units on their own if used in sufficient numbers.
  • Raven bombs will pass through water surfaces, allowing you to bomb submerged units.