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The Glaive is a light raider bot from the Cloakbot Factory.

Glaive (cloakraid)
Light Raider Bot
Cost 65
Hit Points 230
Mass 76
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 115
Turn Rate (deg/s) 494
Vision Radius (elmo) 560
Transportable Light
Improved Regen
Idle Regen (HP/s) 20
Time to enable (s) 5
Pulse MG
Damage 10.5 × 3
Reload Time (s) 0.30
Damage per Second 105
Range (elmo) 185
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 500
Inaccuracy (deg) 2.4


Light and cheap, the Glaive makes short work of enemy skirmishers, artillery and economy, but should avoid and outmanouver riot units and defenses, where it is not as strong. Damaged Glaives regenerate when out of combat.

Tactics and Strategy

The Glaive is one of the cheapest raiders and has excellent speed and damage output, but at the cost of poor health and range. Ideal use is close in on targets with a swarm of Glaives quickly and from multiple directions to compensate for low range, and overwhelm targets with the Glaive's excellent damage output before return fire can do too much damage. Use of Glaives allows the Cloaking Bot factory to play very aggressively and makes it one of the best factories for raiding.

Glaives are very fragile and will customarily be turned to confetti by most accurate units in a single shot, but they are also small, fast and nimble, which in conjunction with the weaving behaviour of Fight Move AI makes it excellent at dodging the slow projectiles of assault units. This - along with its low cost and savage attack power, also makes it an effective counter to slow firing-heavy units that would otherwise be a problem for Knights. The Glaive can also be very effective against Stinger towers, which are slow firing and can only kill one or two Glaives at a time.

Standoff engagements between opposing raiders where both sides take small amounts of damage but lose no units often favour Glaives, since their auto-regeneration will repair any damage quickly. However, Glaives are very fragile and usually suffer massive attrition in combat. Their short range also allows other raiders to kite them without taking damage, which makes Glaives bad at chasing down enemy raiders.

Glaives are therefore best used aggressively to threaten any expansions, or to mob enemy units where there are no Riot units or defences present.