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The Blitz is a lightning assault/raider tank from the Tank Foundry.

Blitz (tankheavyraid)
Lightning Assault/Raider Tank
Cost 300
Hit Points 1300
Mass 204
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 97
Turn Rate (deg/s) 162
Vision Radius (elmo) 560
Transportable Light
Lightning Gun
Damage 180
EMP Damage 500
Reload Time (s) 2.6
Damage per Second 69 + 192
Max Stun Time (s) 1
Range (elmo) 245
Instantly hits


The Blitz is a high-tech raider. Its weapon, a lightning gun, deals mostly paralyzing EMP damage. This way, the Blitz can disable turrets, waltz through the defensive line, and proceed to level the economic heart of the opponent's base.

Tactics and Strategy

The Blitz often outperforms most other raiders in battle for a variety of reasons. 1st, since the Blitz has so much HP compared to other raiders, it can more easily survive battles against other raiders long enough for it to retreat home for repairs. 2nd, its lightning gun leaves most other raiders paralyzed after a single shot, allowing it to easily escape from assaults by most other raiders. (Prior to version, it could one-shot Glaives.)

However, the Blitz's lightning gun overkills much cheaper and faster scouts like Fleas and Darts, so you may opt to counter Blitzes with them (in addition to using riot units like Reavers or Maces).

Many low-weight riot units, such as Reavers, Outlaws, Maces, Rippers, and Redbacks struggle to defeat Blitzes in even matchups due to the Blitz's high health and emp damage (in addition to its fast speed). In many respects, the Blitz is more of a fast assault unit (like the Ravager and Halberd) than a pure low-health raider (like the Glaive or Bandit), and in an even match, the Blitz is likely to come out on top of those riot units.

- As a Cloakbot player, it might be better to counter Blitzes with Knights instead of Reavers, since not only do Knights have more health, and deliver more damage-per-shot, than both Blitzes and Reavers, they also do more EMP damage-per-shot than Blitzes. Therefore, in an even match between Knights and Blitzes, Knights will most likely come out on top of the more frail Blitzes.

- Likewise, as a Shieldbot player, you may want to use Felons to counter Blitzes instead of Outlaws, since Outlaws do so little damage to a Blitz that you'd need many of them to feasibly slow down just one of them (let alone take one out). Felons, on the other hand, excel at quickly taking down Blitzes with their shield guns (assuming that they have a fully-charged shield).

- As mentioned before, the Blitz overkills Darts, so you may want to use them to counter Blitzes instead of Rippers. Moreover, a single Dominatrix can capture a single Blitz in less than 4 seconds, and multiple Dominatrices can assist in the capturing process. In a larger combat setting that pits multiple Blitzes with multiple Dominatrices, if your Dominatrices are able to capture even one Blitz, any captured Blitzes are likely to turn on their former comrades, helping your Dominatrices to come out of this battle on top.

- As a Hover player, consider using Claymores against large numbers of Blitzes, with the occasional Mace or 2 thrown in. Since a single Claymore comes close to killing a single Blitz with a single depth charge, adding a Mace to a group of Claymores should help in quickly putting the weakened Blitzes out of their misery.

- As mentioned before, the Blitz overkills Fleas, so you may want to use them to counter Blitzes instead of Redbacks. Alternatively, Venoms stand a fighting chance at putting a stop to the Blitzes' rampage, since for their cost, Venoms deal more emp damage-per-shot than the Blitz, and have both a higher rate-of-fire and a wider area-of-effect. However, since Venoms do so little normal damage, they need to rely upon other harder-hitting units, such as Hermits or Redbacks to finish off the enemy Blitzes for good.