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This page is about the unit. For the game mode, see Chicken Defense.

The Chicken is a swarmer chicken.

Chicken (chicken)
Cost 25
Hit Points 270
Mass 64
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 87
Turn Rate (deg/s) 159
Vision Radius (elmo) 256
Sonar (elmo) 256
Transportable Light
Improved Regen
Idle Regen (HP/s) 20
Time to enable (s) 10
Damage 80
Reload Time (s) 1.20
Damage per Second 67
Range (elmo) 80
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 500
Firing arc (deg) 120
Ignores shields
Water capable


The footsoldier of the Thunderbirds is an aggressive zergling-type unit. What it lacks in individual strength, it compensates for with its sheer numbers, overwhelming enemies with floods and floods of little chickens. A good riot unit is recommended for stopping them.

Tactics and Strategy

Use something that can kite it reliably or kill them in huge numbers. Raiders and riots are a good counter.

Stardusts are able to hold off many Chickens. Use them in large numbers.