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The Pyro is a raider/riot jumper from the Jumpbot Factory.

Pyro (jumpraid)
Raider/Riot Jumper
Cost 220
Hit Points 690
Mass 154
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 90
Turn Rate (deg/s) 355
Vision Radius (elmo) 560
Transportable Light
Range (elmo) 400
Reload (s) 10
Speed (elmo/s) 180
Midair jump Yes
Immunity to afterburn
Damage 9.2
Reload Time (s) 0.13
Damage per Second 69
Afterburn (s) 15 (15 DPS)
Range (elmo) 240
Area of Effect (elmo) 32
Projectile Speed (elmo/s) 800
Passes through ground
Damage increase vs large units


The Pyro is a cheap, fast walker with a flamethrower. The flamethrower deals increased damage to large units and can hit multiple targets at the same time. When killed, the Pyro sets surrounding units on fire. Additionally, Pyros also come with jetpacks (activated by pressing J) that allow them to jump over obstacles or get the drop on enemies.

Tactics and Strategy

For its cost, the Pyro is a fragile raider. Once an enemy has been set on fire, the Pyro should jump away to safety while the flames do their work. This works even better if you are fighting near cliffs which the Pyro can jump over. Since the flamethrower can hit enemies more than once, the Pyro is effective against larger units and structures, as long as they can stay in range and survive.

The cooldown on the jetpack is long enough that if a Pyro jumps into combat it will probably not be able to jump back out, so it can be good to walk the Pyro into combat and jump out of their range after enemies have been set on fire.