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The Funnelweb is a shield support strider from the Strider Hub.

Funnelweb (striderfunnelweb)
Shield Support Strider
Cost 4000
Hit Points 4500
Movement Speed (elmo/s) 41
Turn Rate (deg/s) 103
Vision Radius (elmo) 650
Transportable Heavy
Build Power 40

Energy Shield
Strength (HP) 19400
Regen (HP/s) 300
Regen cost (E/s) 48
Radius (elmo) 550

Provides Intel
Radar (elmo) 1400


The slow all-terrain Funnelweb features an extremely powerful wide-area shield and high nano power for post-battle utility. It is otherwise unarmed.

Tactics and Strategy

Use the Funnelweb as combat support. The shield and buildpower it offers is a force multiplier. Putting a solid force within its shield is a recipe for a base killing army. The Funnelweb's shield recharges quickly outside of combat, and the strength of its shield does not affect the shield strength of any nearby shielded units. The shield will only begin regenerating if it has taken no damage in the last 10 seconds, so harassing the Funnelweb with light repeated attacks can be a good tactic to drain and keep the shield health low.

Always, always, always give a Funnelweb an escort. It is not armed, and in cannot defend itself against anything. Seriously, a lone raider could destroy it. Bringing a mixed bag of riots, skirmishers, and raiders is usually a good idea.