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Further information: Transportation

Teleportation is used for almost instant transportation from one side of the map to the other. The one unit capable of providing it is Djinn, which can be constructed at the Amphbot Factory.


Teleportation is made possible by Djinn and its companion—Lamp. Djinn serves as an exit portal, while Lamp is the entrance. Djinn is quite expensive, so consider other options for moving your army first. Teleportation is best used the late game, and for transporting substantial armies. Getting Djinn into a correct position can be tricky as well, as it's quite slow and somewhat squishy under prolonged fire. Main options here include:

  • Moving Djinn under water, as many maps have a coastline along their borders, hidden from radars.
  • Using Athenas, as they can get behind enemy lines unseen to create Djinn on the spot, as well as quickly set up a front line for arriving units.
  • Carrying Djinn with a Charon can allow you to quickly deliver it for a sudden attack.

When delivered, Djinn will require a few moments to set up his Lamp (default key is D). For the duration of establishing teleportation link, it must be completely immobile. For that reason, while not using Athenas, it is recommended to set up Lamp as soon as Djinn comes from production lines.

Teleportation can occur only while Djinn is static. To teleport your units, lead them close to the Lamp and right-click the context command (which looks like Load.png Load Command icon). After a few seconds, the unit will be teleported to the Djinn's position. The bigger the unit, the longer the process will take. As such, if your enemy is unaware about the use of teleportation, it is better to transport bigger units first. When teleported, units will gather near Djinn. If there is no terrain available for units to be transported to, the teleportation won't occur. To avoid this, after ordering units into Lamp, give a Shift-Move command somewhere near Djinn in order to immediately lead them away from it. Djinn can teleport anything, from small Glaives to striders like Paladin and even air units!

Possible uses[edit]

Teleportation is most useful for instant troops movement, late-game pushes and more. Some examples include:

  • Creating a Djinn behind enemy's front lines with Athenas and moving an army of raiders to strike at their economy.
  • Creating a Lamp in the middle of enemy base to return high-value infiltrators, like Scorpion, Scythes or even a raiding Revenant or a Krow.
  • Moving slow armies like tanks across multiple fronts.