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At the end of every battle, players are awarded with shiny trophies for various achievements during the game. Some awards are presented every game, while others are less common. It takes outstanding performance with the relevant unit set to receive an award.

There are also event-based awards which are never awarded in normal games, for example tournament cups.

All damage-related awards except Big Purple Heart use metal value to compare performance. Such awards are only given if the damage dealt with those weapons/units compares favorably to the average damage done by other players.

The Awards[edit]

Generic Awards[edit]

  • trophy_pwn.png Complete Annihilation: always awarded to the player who dealt the most damage.
  • trophy_ouch.png Big Purple Heart: always awarded to the player who received the most health damage.
  • trophy_reclaim.png Spoils of War: efficient usage of reclaim.
  • trophy_mex.png Mineral Prospector: building metal extractors.
  • trophy_mexkill.png Loot & Pillage: raiding enemy metal extractors.
  • trophy_shell.png Turtle Shell: effective use of defense.
  • trophy_nux.png Apocalyptic Achievement Award: employing superweapons.
  • trophy_air.png Air Force General: exceptional play with airborne units.
  • trophy_navy.png Fleet Admiral: successful ship usage.
  • trophy_slow.png Traffic Cop: applying slow damage.
  • trophy_emp.png EMP Wizard: dealing EMP damage.
  • trophy_kam.png Kamikaze Award: heroic usage of self-destructing units.
  • trophy_terra.png Legendary Landscaper: excessive terraforming.
  • trophy_comm.png Master and Commander: using your commander like a boss
  • trophy_fire.png Master Grill-Chef: dealing fire damage.
  • trophy_cap.png Master of Puppets: capturing enemy units.
  • trophy_rezz.png Vile Necromancer: resurrecting wreckage.
  • trophy_head.png Head Hunter: eliminating enemy commanders.
  • trophy_share.png Share Bear: sharing units to allies.
  • trophy_vet.png Decorated Veteran: extremely efficient usage of a single unit.
  • trophy_disarm.png Peacemaker: disarming enemy units.

Chicken Awards[edit]

  • trophy_heart.png Queen Heart Breaker: killing the Chicken Queen.
  • trophy_sweeper.png Land Sweeper: destroying Chicken Roosts.
  • trophy_dragon.png Dragon Slayer: eliminating Chicken Dragons.

Event Awards[edit]

  • trophy_gold.png trophy_silver.png trophy_bronze.png Tournament Cups: awarded for the winners of the monthly tournaments.
  • coingold.png coinsilver.png coinbronze.png Coins: awarded for minor community events.

Technical details[edit]

Some awards have flat requirements for being awarded:

  • Mineral Prospector / Loot & Pillage take a minimum of 15 mexes built/killed to earn.
  • Legendary Landscaper takes a minimum of 1000m worth of terraform.
  • Head Hunter / Dragon Slayer / Land Sweeper require 3/3/20 commander/dragon/nest kills.
  • Master of Puppets / Vile Necromancer / Share Bear require 1000/3000/5000m worth of units captured/resurrected/shared respectively.
  • Decorated Veteran requires the unit to make 300% cost, with a minimum of 1000m.
  • Queen Heartbreaker requires the chicken queen to die.

Big Purple Heart operates on health and considers environmental damage (such as collisions, forest fires, or lava). All other damage awards operate on cost and only consider PvP damage.

Using a damage type is not enough to be eligible for the appropriate award. Each award has a dynamic threshold that scales with the general game size. Eligibility is decided thus:

  • Take the average physical damage done by all players except yourself.
  • Multiply by a per-award factor given in the table below.
  • Compare your own damage with the given type. You are eligible if your damage is higher.
Difficulty factors
Award Multiplier
EMP Wizard 1.2
Fleet Admiral
Airforce General
Traffic Cop
Turtle Shell
Master Grill-Chef
Apocalyptic Achievement Award
Kamikaze Award
Master and Commander
Spoils of War 0.06


  • A did 900m of damage composed of 450m of fire damage, 350m of kamikaze damage and 100m general damage.
  • B did 800m kamikaze damage and 50m slow damage.
  • C did 1200m general damage and 50m EMP damage.

The average of others' damage:

  • For A, it is (800 + 1200) / 2 = 1000. Note that the slow dealt by B and EMP dealt by C are not "physical" so do not count.
  • For B, it is (900 + 1200) / 2 = 1050.
  • For C, it is (900 + 800) / 2 = 850.

The multiplier for kamikaze is 0.3 and for fire is 0.5, so:

  • A would have to do 1000 × 0.5 = 500 fire damage to be eligible. He did 450, so he won't get it.
  • A would have to do 1000 × 0.3 = 300 kamikaze damage. He did 350, so he is eligible.
  • B would have to do 1050 × 0.3 = 315 kamikaze damage. He did 800, so is also eligible.

B did 800 kamikaze damage and A did 350, so B gets the kamikaze award. Nobody is eligible for the fire award. C did the most total damage, so gets the Complete Annihilation award.