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Lobby Tabs


This tab shows a news feed for the game, recent posts on the Zero-K forum, and a list of the current top 10 players.

The "Discord" button will open a link to the official Zero-K discord server in your browser. On Discord there are several channels related to game support and streaming, as well as development of the game.

The "Forum" button will open the Zero-K Forums in your browser.

The "Manual" button opens this Wiki.

The "Zero-K" button will open the [ Zero-K website[.


Lobby chat is mirrored on the Zero-K Discord server, and chat in the #zk channel on Discord is likewise displayed in the game's lobby chat. Text with a Blue Username comes from the Zero-K lobby, and a Teal Username indicates messages copied from Discord

Clicking on the list of players will allow you to view their user page, or send them messages, etc.

On the user page, at the bottom of the page you can view current rating statistics for a chosen player.

Viewing your own user page will allow you to browse a list of Clans which you may opt to join.

Inviting a player to a party will allow you to queue for team matches together. Players you have invited will have a small icon next to their name until they accept the invite. When other players accept, it will create a new chat channel in the lobby.

There are a limited number of voice channels in Discord that may be used for team communication. When not using them, be sure to disconnect from the voice channel using the small handset icon.


Displays a list of your current friends in-game.


These options affect the Zero-K lobby. Most gameplay options are accessed while in-game, using the In-Game Menu.


Settings for the game lobby itself, and some settings related to match setup.


Settings for the in-game graphics.


Settings for basics of the in-game interface. The game interface scale will change the size of the UI elements while in a game.

Invert zoom will reverse the zoom functionality of the scrollwheel.

Text-to-Speech will read out all in-game chat messages using a high-tech voice synthesizer.


The steam client should come with a number of maps. Additional maps and other assets will be downloaded as needed in the match lobby.

Game Tabs

Singleplayer & Coop


The campaign provides a series of set-piece challenges, structured as a branching set of missions. Pay attention to the hints given in the mission briefing, as they are often critical to completing the scenario.

In the Steam client, the campaign may be played cooperatively with another player.

Progression in the campaign is separate from player rankings.

In the campaign, your commander will gain experience and level up when missions and optional objectives are completed. The Commander leveling up works similarly to how upgrades work in skirmishes and multiplayer games, except here the Commander can't be upgraded but instead begins the mission at the level you have unlocked. Unlocked components may be swapped out at will for use in a given mission.

All units and structures unlocked from completing missions can be used in future missions. You can attempt a difficult challenge once you have acquired access to more units.


This will let you set up a single player match against the AI, similar to a multiplayer battle. You can set up a quick battle with the options given, or click on the "Advanced" button to configure the game in more detail.

Survival mode will set up the game so you are fighting against waves of alien Chickens. See Chicken_Defense

Playing skirmish matches does not affect you player rankings.


Most multiplayer matches affect your game rating, though there is an option in the match setup to prevent a match from affecting rating. As more games are played, your player rank will increase. See the FAQ.


See Matchmaking

Battle List

This is a list of current player-started matches.

How to setup games: Lobby_Settings


This is a persistent campaign which runs periodically. See the Manual for details.


The game client automatically saves a replay for all games you participate in. This includes campaign missions, skirmishes, and multiplayer matches.

While viewing a replay, there is a small interface bar in-game to adjust the game replay speed.

Replays can be viewed from any player's / teams point of view.

Additional replays may be viewed directly or downloaded outside of the game; see or links in the forums, etc.


  • Links: Useful links to game information and streamers.
  • Tutorials: A short sequence of missions to demonstrate game concepts.
  • Report a Bug: Bug report form.