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Dynasty of Man
Planets: 15
Commanders: 56
Combat skill:1506

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 31
Commanders: 52
Combat skill:1507

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 23
Commanders: 65
Combat skill:1509

Victory points:
0 / 100

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Zero-K clans
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Name Shortcut Commanders Level Rank
Imperial Fists d5681492 Join now!
!NK!DOOM NK3231504 Join now! password
[ h y r u l e ] hyrule1231735 Join now! password
[Ru] Steel Claws SC8171440 Join now!
[TNF] TNF16221464 Join now!
1121st "Helvetian" Platoon 1121161585 Join now! password
197th Cyberkorps 197CK6121474 Join now! password
1uP 1uP6471649 Join now! password
3Server.de Hosting 3Serv25 Join now!
666th Devil Dogs 666DD781520 Join now! password
a dream come true adream3801503 Join now!
Actions per minute! APM2241683 Join now!
Agents Of Freedom AOF19221469 Join now!
Alliance ACP18231510 Join now!
Anarchy Wolves AW21161469 Join now!
AntiHistamine AntiH171575 Join now!
Applied Special Tactics AST4351776 Join now! password
ARM ARM4191552 Join now!
atlas co atlo2111587 Join now!
Autismo Daycare AUTX3131515 Join now! password
AwC AwC3131436 Join now!
Awesomeness Aweseo6301488 Join now! password
b00nl1k3 00133341720 Join now! password
B3 B31611793 Join now! password
Baisuliai BS4201465 Join now!
Banana republic Banan8461742 Join now! password
BARLOU BARLOU181659 Join now!
Bastard Battalion BBAT1391535 Join now! password
batata batata241493 Join now! password
BayernMayan BRLN3101539 Join now! password
Page of 10 (297 records)