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PlanetWars ended, Federation won!

CONGRATULATIONS!! Federation has won the PlanetWars by capturing Dynasty of Man planet Radius!

Top players

Dynasty of Man
Planets: 15
Commanders: 53
Combat skill:1519

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 31
Commanders: 40
Combat skill:1491

Victory points:
0 / 100
Planets: 23
Commanders: 58
Combat skill:1504

Victory points:
0 / 100


Last events

Time Event
8 hours ago USrankCheeseHead69 joins clan AUTX
9 hours ago JPrankIIIIIIIIIIII joins clan INVADE
9 hours ago JPrankIIIIIIIIIIII joins Empire
9 hours ago JPrankIIIIIIIIIIII leaves faction Federation
13 hours ago USrankDalfo joins clan BFA
40 hours ago FIrankAdminAlcur joins clan ADVENT
40 hours ago FIrankAdminAlcur leaves clan ADVENT
2 days ago USrankPansophicc joins clan ZB
2 days ago USrankParzivalBio joins clan ZB
2 days ago Clan THWS left faction Empire
2 days ago TRrankkaptanmob leaves faction Empire
3 days ago AUranksam200sx1 joins clan AOL
3 days ago USrankJoseph101025 joins clan ZB
3 days ago AUrankDeadly_Talon joins clan AOL
3 days ago New clan AOL formed by AUrankKarlos52aus
3 days ago RUrankTrueBanana joins clan SC
3 days ago RUrankTrueBanana joins Empire
3 days ago CHrankCodmo leaves clan RHoM
5 days ago RUrankizirayd leaves clan TMNL
5 days ago RUrankizirayd joins clan TMNL
6 days ago GBrankcaytea joins clan MC
6 days ago USrankKazooMan joins Empire
6 days ago New clan THWS formed by TRrankkaptanmob
6 days ago TRrankkaptanmob joins Empire
7 days ago GBrankchumtoadafuq joins clan MC
7 days ago USrankcrazypets321 joins clan ZB
7 days ago Knight is disbanded
7 days ago USrankcrazypets321 leaves clan Knight
8 days ago RUrankjustcause leaves faction Federation
9 days ago New clan PA formed by RUrankvitalik
9 days ago RUrankvitalik joins Empire
9 days ago RUrankvitalik leaves clan Profi
9 days ago BRrankcaos joins Federation
9 days ago RUrankSummerRain88005553535 joins Empire
10 days ago New clan UNSC formed by RUrankCs102
10 days ago VErankcarlosvig joins Empire
10 days ago LVrankSenaven joins clan TMNL
10 days ago LVrankSenaven leaves faction Federation
10 days ago rufl is disbanded
10 days ago LVrankSenaven leaves clan rufl
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