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Planet Kappa

Size: 18 x 10
Team size: 3 vs 3
Governor: Nobody No Clan
Capabilities: ship movement , +0.3 (0.3%) influence spread , +10 influence gain defense , -120
96.6 (96.6%)
0.3 (0.3%)

Empire 17


ACTIVE owned by EErankAdminAnarchid
Energy priority: Normal
Field Garrison
Reduces enemy influence gain
Turns to activate:3
  • reduce battle influence gain -10
ACTIVE owned by Nobody

Wormhole Generator
Links planet to neighbours - spreads influence per turn; hardened against bomber attack
Turns to activate:3
  • allows ship movement to connected planets
  • spreads 0.3 influence to nearby planets each turn
Time Event
24 days ago ATrankNanoPirate sends 17 Empire dropships to Dynasty Kappa
24 days ago ATrankNanoPirate of Empire bombed Dynasty planet Kappa using 3 bombers against 0 defenses. Ground armies lost 3 influence and Power Generator Unit was destroyed.
24 days ago EErankAdminAnarchid has built a Field Garrison on Dynasty planet Kappa.
25 days ago EErankAdminAnarchid has built a Power Generator Unit on Dynasty planet Kappa.
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