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Time Event
45 days ago PHNX is disbanded
45 days ago INrankDeathStealth leaves clan PHNX
2 months ago USrankArchangel leaves clan PHNX
10 months ago ATrankNanoPirate leaves clan PHNX
14 months ago USrankCaptaintoottoot leaves clan PHNX
18 months ago INrankDeathStealth joins clan PHNX
19 months ago USrankCaptaintoottoot joins clan PHNX
20 months ago ATrankNanoPirate of Empire PHNX has captured planet Mendel from DErankChrissi007 of Dynasty . B567869
20 months ago USrankArchangel has claimed planet Yggdrasil for Empire PHNX. B567591
20 months ago ATrankNanoPirate joins clan PHNX
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