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Donate to Zero-K

This game is provided to you completely free. However, we are a non-profit group of volunteers working on this game in our free time and we could use some help paying the server bills :-)

If you wish to support us and continued development, you can donate any amount you want. All donations only serve to cover costs of running server and if excess is generated, to advertise and advance this project.

How do i donate?

You can donate by purchasing donator pack on steam or by using Paypal.

Old Thread about donations is here

What do i get for a donation?

Aside for your support for the project, you get Kudos. That is 10 Kudos per 1€ donated.
You can trade Kudos for clan/faction icons (displayed ingame) and unique visual Commander skins.

You can view a list of Kudo-related unlocks (those in purple) at your account's unlock page

Also, depending on your total donation amount, you will receive a supporter badge, visible on the forum and in the game:

Kudos Badge
100 Donator star
250 Donator star
500 Donator star
1000 Donator star

Donations jars

You can even select where your donation goes! :-)
Jar Guarantor Pledged Progress Needed Donate here
Zero-K server 2009-2019 CZrankAdminLicho €20107
Support Zero-K CZrankAdminLicho €4214

Server Details

Intel Xeon E3 1245v2, 32GB RAM, 2x240GB SSD disks.
Guaranteed connectivity: 250Mbps sustained, no limits.

Recent costs

Paid in advance by CZrankAdminLicho
Year Cost
2009 350€
2010 677€ (after VAT refund)
2011 650€ (after VAT refund)
2012 812€ (incl. win license, after VAT refund)
2013 812€ (incl. win license, after VAT refund)
2014 1148€ (incl. VAT)
2015 1919€ (incl. win license and VAT)
2016 888€ (incl. win license and VAT)
2017 934€ (incl. win license and VAT)
2018 718€ (incl. win license and VAT)
2019 1060€ (incl. win license and VAT)

Many thanks to those great people!

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2 days agoMYranksivsarcast40.00
6 days agoUSrank2142clonewars20.00
9 days agoUSrank[KoS]Blither8.00
12 days agoDEranknichtsulus8.00
16 days agoUSranktherxyy9.30
18 days agoGBrankfunc_vehicle40.00
18 days agoUSrankBloodyzerg8.00
22 days agoKGrankVelialGFX8.00
32 days agoDErankdtrNord40.00
32 days agoDErankdtrNord20.00
32 days agoDErankdtrNord8.00
33 days agoDErankAdrAs10.00
33 days agoDErankAdrAs10.00
34 days agoFRrankkafkafr20.00
41 days agoAUrankD1rtySanchez12.00
52 days agoUSrankTHICCHOLASCAGE8.00
54 days agoGBrankColossusFish8.00
57 days agoDErankBATTLEBOY998.00
2 months agoUSrankOhShenanigans40.00
2 months agoSErankkim8.00
2 months agoUSrankmeathorse8.00
2 months agoUSrankLALVyrian20.00
2 months agoRUrankLisseh8.00
2 months agoUSrankAKoverlord15.00
2 months agoJPrankPhoca8.00
2 months agoUSrankAlienStar40.00
2 months agoUSrankaSquirrel20.00
2 months agoUSrankTheHelten25.00
2 months agoUSrankV3RTIGO8.00
3 months agoTHrankYoNgO_oNgLoNg8.00
Page of 65 (1945 records)