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Title: MM 3256: 1v1 Narrow, Rank Singularity
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.9.9.1
Engine version: 104.0.1-1544-ge1f249f
Started: 14 days ago
Duration: 6 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 60.2%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 39.8%


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14 days ago
the most striking example of a game, where you can see how much the balance of the game is shit.

Why does the fenser win so easily in this game? Because he is imba. This is not the first game that I have played with rovers against fensers, I see no reason to use hovers in general in the game.
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12 days ago
I think you need to do more than just make Dagger when you detect a Fencer push. It does seem tough though.
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12 days ago
I think you need to do more than just make Dagger when you detect a Fencer push. It does seem tough though.

what should I build to resist scorchers and fencers at the same time?
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You have that 300 apm, but halberd is a 300 iq unit
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12 days ago
You have that 300 apm, but halberd is a 300 iq unit

in this game there was a halberd, the construction of a halberd from the first minute, this is to lose to scorchers.
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12 days ago
It felt like Halberd came at a really awkward time. It would have been better earlier, and when it came there were too many of them and you couldn't fight the scorchers. When you tried to remass daggers again it was too late and you needed something that can deal with scorchers more immediately. Bolas/Scalpel probably would've been my bet here as you in the aftermath of the compush. But I have found scorcher really hard to deal with as hover when you can't rely on daggers.
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Watching this, I reckon you should have stopped producing dagger at around the 2:00 minute mark (after the failed dive on the picket) and started producing something higher weight - Bolas, Halberd or even Mace.

At 3:30, you have scouted 3+ fencer and are still producing mono Dagger, when you've already seen that your daggers can't do much vs defensive rover player. This would be the moment for immediate switch to Halberd. First Halberd starts around 4:00, meanwhile you are fighting a mix of commander, darts and Fencer with just darts and getting rekt.

When you kill his com at 04:30 (which imo was bad play by ATOSTIC) you are on top. Unfortunately you miss-micro the first two Halberd, killing 1 fencer where you easily could have got 4, and then keep producing them mono till you have 4+ Halberd out. If you'd gone 50/50 Bolas/Halberd or even mixed in daggers you would have been able to stop the scorchers and squashed him easily.

Lotus is also very cheap and beats scorcher easily when mixed in with other structures. When facing scorchers, an additional 200m of Lotus in your base goes a long way to immunizing yourself from sudden scorcher dives and costs little.

In short, you made some bad production decisions and ended up with an inappropriate force for just about every moment of the game. Good micro and some luck with the com vs com fight didn't save you from bad unit composition. Hindsight is 20/20 and its a lot easier to watch than to play of course :-)
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8 days ago
my early switching to the halberd, instant mirroring of the enemy to scorchers and multi-rading in several positions, or it will not be multi-rading, but a direct attack to the center with the help of fencers, when defending by scorchers + commander from halberds. When the rovers get the center, they have a mass of scorchers, when my mass is two times lower in bolas, then they will start raids with a dominance in speed and this will become a fatal loss of positions for me. I'll just be pinched. Whatever squeezing through the center does not occur, I need a super mobile raider that will allow at any time to attack different positions of the enemy, displacing his raiders from my base, which blocks multi-rading. But this did not happen, everything came to the battle in the center, since I did not want to lose the center (I described above why), and my opponent did not want to be attacked by my raiders in the top.

Instant switching to fencers and their exit to the center, this is the most standard technique, which is very many years old, it became more successful after the stinger nerf.

On this map, it also works great against tanks, where they defend against it with the help of blitz and the outcome of the fight can be completely random. Also, switching to fencers works great against cloaks, they do not have time to reach positions and somehow successfully fight with ronin, loss of positions + holding on the base.

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