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Title: Zero-K: All Welcome
Host: CZrankSpringiee
Game version: Zero-K v1.3.8.14
Engine version: 100.0
Started: 4 years ago
Duration: 21 minutes
Players: 11
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Somebody beat me to total zk trollage! :o

Features of this new map:
- Krow has no dgun cooldown (lulz)
- No sumo or striders.
- Jumpers spin in place when told to jump, become permanately useless.
- Morph broken
- Coms don't die. They just go to sleep for 3125seconds.
- Spiders moonwalk
- gunships have no brakes.
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4 years ago
You forgot factories stopping production, striders restricted to ulti and leviathan. That one baffled me: there is no water whatsoever on this map. I haven't tried but I suspect that terraforming a moat for your leviathan is broken too.
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You forgot factories stopping production

loool your factories broke? Next time don't employ cheap labor!
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4 years ago

Final Version of the map, It has inside a movedef.lua for tech a and also ba, if that conflicts with other mods, im sorry, just shoulded add that because of sea wars for boats dont collide with features.

The final version gives less metal, less energy in trees and heavy hardness, also a full working on mapoptions, have fun playing this map:)
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