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Title: Teams for a future
Host: EErankNorthChileanG
Game version: Zero-K v1.5.4.22
Engine version: 103.0.1-764-gae7487f
Started: 21 days ago
Duration: 20 minutes
Players: 8
Bots: False
Mission: False
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21 days ago
One of the northeast mexes was broken in this game. The order to build it was placed but never executed, both for land constructors (weaver) and air (wasp). It was not skipped either, the builders just sat there, staring at the place.
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21 days ago
(edited 21 days ago)

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21 days ago
(edited 21 days ago)

I did have a good laugh when the 55 metal Blastwing stunned 500 metal worth of cons for over 10 minutes and prevented you from taking the metal extractor for the whole 20 minutes and 45 seconds of the game (=2378 metal)

Even a Crabe didn't persuade the mex into obedience:

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20 days ago
Wow. Buff weaver by reducing range so this never happens again.
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19 days ago
this game is one of those games where i get fkd over so many times i start to enjoy it
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19 days ago
Why Trojan_Hills_v02 when Trojan_Hills_v03 is in circulation?
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