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Title: Anarchy and Discipline
Host: EErankAdminAnarchid
Game version: Zero-K v1.5.8.2
Engine version: 103.0.1-1272-g170516f
Started: 5 months ago
Duration: 18 minutes
Players: 0
Bots: True
Mission: False
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Team 1

CircuitAIBrutal64 stable (1) <CircuitAIBrutal64>
Team 2

ZKGBAI 0.11 (1) <ZKGBAI>

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5 months ago
The old master returns.
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5 months ago
initial testing suggests the old master consistently loses on many smaller maps, but you may enjoy this victory for now..

[testing intensifies]
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5 months ago
(edited 5 months ago)

KGB seems to consistently lose vs Circuit hovers even in mirror situations because Circuit's extreme aversion to staying in the engagement works well with Scalpel. This may also be the case on the smaller maps.

This is nothing new though. Hoverfac is an abomination where the only units without aoe are the designated assault and riot. Additionally, solving scalpel pretty much requires either a combat predictor/simulator that is a lot less crude than comparing threat colors; or switch to a hardcounter (for AI, likely in the form of a stronger bullshit skirm like Wolverine or Firewalker).
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