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Title: Teams no bots no metal maps
Host: ZArankRadavvadra
Game version: Zero-K v1.5.9.4
Engine version: 104.0.1-7-gf03115b
Started: 11 months ago
Duration: 31 minutes
Players: 4
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1 Won!
Chance of victory: 39.1%
XP gained: 158
Team 2 Lost
Chance of victory: 60.9%
XP gained: 104
ROrankSigero died in 31 minutes
USrankfilch died in 31 minutes

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11 months ago
great game!

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11 months ago
Amazing demonstration of skill from Sigero, realy thumbs up.

But also from the other 3 players, good teamwork, alot of raiding, not alot of porc.
Just a bit sad that team 1 won this, because sigero just couldnt mikro these masses of units... At the half of the game, before sigeros comeback they must have facswitched... and finished it then... But even then it was a great game.

A bit sad that sigero didn't gave a constructor to filch, even if he never asked...
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11 months ago
Was really intense game,katastrophe and sippio where very relentless in theyr constant assault i could not compete with that,which was the correct strategy to use.Really great teamplay from both of them! GG
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