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Title: MM 1572: 1v1, Rank Subgiant
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.6.12.0
Engine version: 104.0.1-287-gf7b0fcc
Started: 4 months ago
Duration: 25 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 70%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 30%


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Thats sad... Does someone know how to counter these domi + walking shield?
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4 months ago
cloaked roaches
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Though your main issue here was not building caretakers next to your factory.
8 minutes in you were losing 2/3rds of your income to excess, totaling 3000 metal. That put you on the back foot...
After that it didn't really matter what his 6k army was made of, you were going to be rolled. (his focus on shields actually stalled him quite a bit, as your recluses pounding away on them caused them to try and draw 108E/s! Each recluse on the job was costing him the equivalent of a geothermal plant, just make more recluses next time :D)

It really needs to be drilled home to people that excessing is an emergency, unless whatever else you're doing is game winning (e.g. you're microing a widow to hit an anti-nuke, some scythes to destroy all your enemy's energy production or there's a big decisive battle going on) you should immediately try sorting out your excess.
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4 months ago
Thank you for your advice dyth68!
Excessing is a problem I struggle a lot with, I have to work hard on it.
What did you meant by 'cloaked roaches' katastrophe? was that a kind of private joke?
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4 months ago
Roach is the former name of the Shieldbot crawling bomb unit currently called Snitch.

Combined with the Iris mobile cloaker (obtainable via morph from Cornea, the static version, so you don't need a separate Cloakbot factory for this combination), Snitch becomes pretty much an unstoppable explosion in your face.

Or in your Domi ball. Which goes poof.
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4 months ago
ye sorry forgot the renames
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4 months ago
Thx :)
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