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Title: Soarzo's Battle
Host: USrankSoarzo
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.3.10
Engine version: 104.0.1-1156-gb72a9cc
Started: 7 months ago
Duration: 45 minutes
Players: 3
Bots: True
Mission: False
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Team 1 Won!
XP gained: 50
Team 2 Lost
XP gained: 25
Chicken: Easy (1) <Chicken: Easy>

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so soarzo is a subgiant and im a brown dwarf im competitive 176 (1464) casual rank 432 (1425) lvl 22 but soarzo is unranked in competitive and has a casual rank of 425 (1429) and is lvl 24... this makes sense
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Un-ranked happens when a player does not play that game type for some time. You get ranked (again) if you play a couple of games.

Level is how much you played (not related to skill).

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4 months ago
so you mean its because this was a long time ago and he hasn't played in a long time?
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4 months ago
The ratings that you see when you do a mouse over the player name are the latest, not related to when a battle took place.

Yes, you get unranked if you do not play in a long time.
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