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Title: MM 3714: 1v1, Rank Singularity
Host: Nobody
Game version: Zero-K v1.7.10.0
Engine version: 104.0.1-1398-g7442945
Started: 3 months ago
Duration: 25 minutes
Players: 2
Bots: False
Mission: False
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Team 1
Chance of victory: 76.3%

Team 2
Chance of victory: 23.7%


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Krow was determined to be useless here. I expected more, but it's just a huge fat, useless fucking meat. Why does it even cost 4.5k metal? From one scorpion it would be more sense 10 times. Almost anything on the map can shoot at it. I instantly lost 12k hp against stinger, gaus and two razors

I recently saw a game, there the Krow fought against Dante, the two teams quickly made them, so krow just die from Dante.

I bet that if I went to King at the base of the Krow, his three aa units would just kill the Krow, but his dante just walked around my base

In general, I am disappointed with the worst investment.

By the way, I still do not understand why artillery as a class simply does not exist in some plants:
- Spiders
- Shields

Spiders see Firewalker, spiders begin to suck.
Shields see Recluse, Shields begin to suck. Although Recluseis not even artillery, it’s just that shields have nothing to withstand it

Experienced players simply put the riot next to the artillery and any raid turns into a metal suicide.

if you think that crab is artillery, it’s the same as recluse, only fatter and more precisely

As a result, spiders do not even have raiders; fleas are not an understandable class. After the nerf, it's just a scout. Any raider is capable of easily destroying a flea with an auto attack, you’ll have to do magic tricks with your fleas, spending your micro. Tricks for random result

I'm generally surprised by disputes, there is always a situation where the solution is a raid trick, but have you seen a bunch of riot with domi? This is generally something that can only be countered by artillery.

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3 months ago
I don't think Krow is useless all the time. That is the nature of specialised striders.
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3 months ago
Can krow get +20 or +30 hp/s regen?
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3 months ago
Artillery for spider is terra spike + crab. But very expensive and immobile...
For shields it's racketeer.
But yea, agree. They lack of good artillery. I already pointed it long time ago.
Krow isn't so bad. Very good at this map for team game rush. And krow loose vs dante cuz heat ray in close. Dante is specialized in close comabat. If i m correct then two close dantes can easy melt bantha if not disabled by stun missiles. Krow should be able to win dante from distance. Btw krow was nurfed time ago. It had 17,5 k hp in older times.
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3 months ago
krow is good on large maps where it is kind of a raider. the smaller the map, the more useless it gets.
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Krow on large maps will be seen very fast and got cooked by enemy air player. On large map it works only if you have air superiority and if enemy have scare aa defense. One screamer or two chainsaws in area can easy end krow 'raidings'. On smaller maps where resources is less enemy cant build aa so fast (if they aren't building it together). Main point of krow power in small map is inside fact that team rush it fast and enemy notice it too late or cant work together to deal with it because panic or incompetence.
Most in my games krow has been worthless without good supporting air player. Krow alone is like detris alone. And using it for defense or 'riding' it on raides, few slow units or one mex is also mostly waste.
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well, i was talking about 1v1s.
in team-games krow is mostly a rush-unit, right.

on big maps its harder and more costly to cover all area with static aa.
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3 months ago
Krow is a generalist, so it has been nerfed loads.

Changing its projectile weapons to be less universally accurate/effective vs all targets would allow it to be made stronger.
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The Krow is the fastest of all striders, while also being the only one to enjoy all-theater mobility.

Granted this, i think it may as well be accurate; its massive downside of being targetable with AA and its cost kind of make up for that.
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3 months ago
Most of the time I see it it is used as a SURPRISE win raid on enemy base, this time however it didnt go for my low aa base but rather my better defended outpost, so that was nice
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3 months ago
Buff krow :)
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3 months ago
despite being specialized for sweeping bombing runs, krow's also pretty a strong generalist just fighting with its lasers (wiki says 189 dps x3 at 450 range, haven't checked if it's actually the case).

krows are kept in check by the relatively strong AA weapons and the fact that its abilities are a poor match against most striders : it wants to get over them but scorpion can stunlock it, dante can melt through it up close and paladin also stunlocks it so it can't even fly away.
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Krow's generalism is a legacy of it not even having a dgun weapon originally. I dream of a superheavy bomber unit that can be a legitimate specialist (Eclipse).
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Raiders can easily avoid the bombs. If the Krow turrets fired slow-moving cannon projectiles instead of lasers, I suppose 40 Glaives (65 metal * 40 = 2600 metal) could kill the unit in about 11 seconds if all of them manage to survive.
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I dream of a superheavy bomber unit that can be a legitimate specialist (Eclipse).

Dreams and lost days are burning in the past.
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I'd like longer reload times for striders, their abilities are powerful but I dont feel like I have to thing much about when to use them. Izi tried attacking scorp after I used the EMP thingie but before the bombing was over I could stun again. I just think it would be more interesting if that window of opportunity to "strike a strider while its weak" was longer.
Edit: I mean I gladly make dante to counter sniper just because I can spam the artillery ranged hellfire ability
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