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Spring map pack (Torrent)

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12 years ago
Good for people with slow internet like me


Warning: 19.58 GB

but it contain 1,436 maps

happy downloading
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12 years ago
I have arround 10Gb maps already :D, what we actually need PW map pack at least list. Download all maps is overkill i think.
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12 years ago
+1 Although Id say have it be a featured map pack, which is monthly updated.
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12 years ago
* A good solution would be to make a list of download links.
* Add some mirrows, but save it in a way that programms can easily read it.
* Add checksums to check your local files.
* Make a JavaScript, C-Script or more than one script that downloads all failes with the informations given in this link list, but skip maps which are in your map folder.

* Can a torrent programm be configured to skip existing files? Then make a tutorial for them and a fitting torrent-file.

Then I could rethink about downloading a map pack where I have already more than half of the files.
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12 years ago
( or let any player get a 32 MBit Inet connection )

Because it is Off-topic:
How many ppls are lucky about a new Avatar in this forum?
I like my new one ( I hated to have a white avatar - I hate all colors that use more than 50% of the higher color bits ).
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12 years ago

50% of the higher color bits?
2^4 => only 1/16 of the "palette" ... thats very dark!

btw, "neon", like the bright thing? you are inconsistent! :)
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12 years ago
lol ....

remove the highest bit for background colors and use only <50% of the maximal value of all color-blocks (RGB).

that's what I mean.

Neon-green, -red, -blue - everything only 33% of white, but nice.
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10 months ago
Hiya guys
I know its a very old post but any chance the torrent link could be updated to one that works and from a site that is running
Much appreciated if possible
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